Country Comes To Westchester County NY

Kicks 105.5 106.3 WDBY WFAF Danbury Mount Kisco Westchester Cumulus 103.9 WFASUpdate 2/29: 106.3 WFAF made the switch to a simulcast of WDBY at 12pm today, a little earlier than announced.

Original Report 2/25: Cumulus Country “Kicks 105.5” WDBY Patterson NY/Danbury CT will begin simulcasting on sister 106.3 WFAF Mount Kisco on Thursday, March 1.

105.5 and 106.3 simulcasted through much of the 1990’s as AC “Westchester’s Superstation” and Oldies “B105/B106“. The 106.3 signal will give the Country format additional coverage of Northern Westchester County.

WFAF has been simulcasting sister AC 103.9 WFAS-FM Bronxville, which is in the process of moving its tower to the Bronx, where it will add additional coverage of the northern boroughs of New York City and Northern New Jersey in addition to its historic coverage of Westchester and Rockland Counties.

  1. DJ says

    Ah, 105.5 and 106.3, together again. And The Bronx is better for it.

  2. Joseph says

    I don’t think this is the end of Cumulus expanding country music north of New York City.

    With WFAS-103.9 moving it’s transmitter/antenna to The Bronx, I expect it too will join the simulcast, which will bring country music back to New York City and areas of New Jersey and Long Island within 20-25 miles (depending on how good one’s FM radio is) of the new WFAS site.

    Certainly, I expect that the country-music community in the New York area will put pressure on Cumulus to have WFAS simulcast WFAF and WDBY.

    1. Chucky says

      Absolute nonsense. Cumulus will use 106.3 to fill in the holes where 105.5 has a bad signal.

      As for the fanboys’ wet dream to “bring country music back to New York City”? Not happening. Can’t sell it to advertisers.

  3. wee One says

    the ironic thing is that all of these radio stations vie for the same demographic, and all play the same music, thereby splitting up the listernership. what the suits are not realizing is that it only makes sense to have one country station here in new york – they will get the entire country music-listening public to tune in. all of their advertising dollars will be well spent, since no body is going to be listening to any other station. just an opinion, but hopefully one that will get the point through to the radio suits that we do want country radio here in new york.

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