Entercom Takes Over KBLX; Adds Steve Harvey

102.9 KBLX San Francisco Entercom Steve Harvey Quiet Storm Kevin Brown Victor ZaragosaUpdate 4/30: More details on the news KBLX lineup as Entercom takes over operations tomorrow.

PD/Morning Host Kevin Brown is out after 22 years with the station as is afternoon host Antoine Davis and station manager Harvey Stone. Sterling James remains in middays and Victor Zaragosa moves from weekends to afternoons. Morning co-host Nikki Thomas will have local cut-ins during Steve Harvey’s morning show.

Original Report 4/27: Entercom, which purchased 102.9 KBLX San Francisco from the creditors of Inner City Broadcasting earlier this month will begin operating the station on Tuesday, May 1 via a Time Brokerage Agreement.

The first move made by Entercom is to add the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show beginning Monday, May 7.

“Adding Steve Harvey in the morning makes KBLX better. His mass appeal will resonate with KBLX listeners and bring in a wider audience over time. Steve’s success in markets across the country will make a difference with our clients and advertisers.” – Dwight Walker Vice President/Market Manager of Entercom San Francisco

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  1. Lore Fitzgerald says

    It was my understanding that KBLX San Francisco already was successful, had good management and staff, a loyal listenership and sponsors. I truly like Steve Harvey and his radio show, but when a radio station has been gutted and those people who made the station what it is are removed, riding Steve Harvey in to save the day is not the answer. His show is syndicated and somewhat generic appealing to a wide Urban audience. The San Francisco Urban market is anything but generic. One show does not make a radio station. I think Entercom using the “Takeover and clean house formula,” may have rushed to judgment on this one.

    1. Lance Venta says

      The fact of the matter is that KBLX’ ownership was bankrupt and the station was auctioned off. The other primary bidder, Cumulus planned of flipping 102.9 to a simulcast of 810 KGO. KBLX currently has the second lowest measured audience of any San Francisco FM and they need to broaden the station’s appeal to keep it financially viable. Otherwise the station won’t exist at all with the Urban Adult format.

    2. Randy Reprobate says

      I agree 100% With Lore, sorry folks, sorry Lance.. I’ve been in radio 40 years. What seems obvious and logical on the surface – is not always such. Which is why so many
      of the BIG broadcasters are failing miserably. They’re not radio people. Their morons that “think” they have a clue about radio. That’s why they got sucked into HD radio. Ninnies.

  2. Ada Lee says

    Bring back the KRE via of KBLX days. Hire back Clifford Brown Jr. and the other DJs from his era. We need a jazz fusion station again. We need a station to mellow out to. Like KRE used to be. KBLX can become that station. We have almost lost the Jazz circuit in the Bay Area. The entertainers don’t come that much anymore because we don’t hear there music that much anymore. It’s a WIN, WIN, for everyone!

  3. Alexis says

    This is so sad to hear. KBLX will never be the same without their core people who made the station what it is today. I love listening to Kevin Brown and Nikki Thomas in the morning. I love their chemistry and the way they connect with their listeners and the reason they can connect is because they live within our community. Steve Harvey will not be able to relate to ALL listeners because his show is syndicated. I guess I’ll have to find another dial to entertain me for my listening pleasure. This really sucks….big time.

  4. lee says

    Kblx had a hard core of listeners and it was hugely successful…the reason its owners, inner city broadcating, were bankrupt didn’t have anything to do with kblx…it was the other stations in its chain and they were overleraged…when clear channel created kksf and kiss 98.1 to compete against kblx, they went down the tubes in the competition. Kksf doesn’t even exist anymore on the dial. Frankly Kblx is the only adult urban station in Northern California…Steve Harvey is ok but I think the new ownership should have kept things the same for the next 6 months. This move may come back to bite them in the but.

  5. susie says

    Lance is right on! Radio is not measured like it once was! The market measurement is sp condensed that its sad! KBLX original programming will surely be missed…the “suits in the offices” have no idea that syndication in the bay area for what they call “urban” stations DO NOT Work!!! Tom Johnston lasted all of one quarter on air…Steve Harvey may last that long too…sp sad to hear about all those people losing their jobs!

  6. JoAnna Bullock says

    I beg to differ with Entercom VP Dwight Walker – while Steve Harvey may have mass appeal – it may fall flat in the bay area. I’ve heard Mr. Harvey’s show while on travel back east and occassionally on the web. Its okay but simply does not have the same flavor as a local program. Remember, KISS tried this already and ended up going back to the local program. The disc jockeys on KBLX are seasoned residents of the bay area – it’s a huge part of their appeal. Steve Harvey is good but he is not local and in this market, I don’t think national syndication works well. The bay area is a unique place.

  7. Angela says

    This sucks. I like Steve Harvey, but the Bay Area is different than most urban areas. Do any of you remember when KISS-FM changed their morning format from Renel (sp?) to Tom Joyner morning show? It did not work. It was funny, but again, the Bay Area is dfferent. It did not work here. I think the same will happen with the Steve Harvey show.

  8. CPG says

    Wow…..SO SAD to hear. I really did like Kevin and Nikki, they were great! I wonder what Kevin is going to do now? I hope that he will go to another station so that we can still hear him on the air. As far as the take over, I can’t really see Steve Harvey moving me to want to hear him on the air. He is funny but I didn’t even know that he had a radio show, and I still don’t care. Also, I liked the music on KBLX but I do hope that it will include newer artist and stop playing so many old songs over and over. I loved the older songs, but hearing them over and over get’s old. I suppose they played the older songs so much because the music has changed SO very much over the years. Perhaps this station change has to do with the appeal to the public or lack thereof or at least I hope so. Music evolves, as do people’s need for it. That being said, I will miss Kevin and Nikki so very much, but I do hope the music will change in some ways. Steve Harvey…we will see. Really sad…

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