92.5 KRPT San Antonio To Flip To Talk “The Patriot”

NTSMediaOnline.com reports that Clear Channel Country “92.5 The Outlaw” KRPT San Antonio will flip to Talk on Thursday, April 15. The new station “92.5 The Patriot” will pickup many of the hosts recently dropped by Cox’ 106.7 KPWT when it flipped to Adult Rock earlier this month. Among the hosts to be carried on the new station will be Talk Radio Networks Mancow Muller, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Phil Hendrie, and Michael Savage, as well as Dial-Global’s Neal Boortz and Clark Howard.

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  1. Mike Wikman says

    I contacted you a few months ago and I still can’t get your 92.5 on my radio without static and station loss in my home. Yes I have an antenna.In the car it still comes in choppy I live at the Woods of Shavano just 16 miles from the center of town. The other day I drove to Rio Grande City TX and you station was strong all the way to Freer on rt 16, 150 miles south. How come I cant get your radio just 16 miles north huh? You have got the perfect people on your radio so let me listen to it huh?
    Mike Wikman

  2. KP says

    For what it’s worth, the station’s a rimshot. The antenna’s pretty South of town. LOL, I’m late, but in the future you should contact the station directly, Mike.

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