Milwaukee AM Acquires FM Translator

La Nueva Ritmo 1460 WJTI West Allis Milwaukee 97.9 W250BNEl Sol Broadcasting, owners of Spanish CHR “La Nueva Ritmo” 1460 WJTI West Allis/Milwaukee has agreed to purchase 97.9 W250BN West Allis from Tim Martz’ Radio Power Inc for $125,000.

The currently silent translator has seen resistance to its attempts to move closer to central Milwaukee via multiple steps from its original location near Beloit. The FCC has flagged their most recent application as abuse of process and WLUP Chicago has filed interference claims against the translator. The sale is contingent on the FCC approving the final transmitter move.

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  1. Jeremy Andrews says

    Someone is going to get sued. If this translator never makes it on the air, the owner of WJTI will sue Radio Power. The owner is very sue happy.

    1. Lance Venta says


      Nobody is going to get sued. There’s a clause in the sale agreement that if the translator doesn’t get its upgrade then the sale doesn’t close.

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