Cumulus Looks To Take Four Out Of Trust

Q92 92.1 WQQK Nashville Magic 107.3 WMGL Ravenel Charleston Warm 94.9 KRMW 96.3 The Mountain KBZU Albuquerque Last Bastion Station Trust Volt Radio Cumulus MediaCumulus Media is attempting to bring four stations back into its fold.

The stations were placed in either the Last Bastion Station Trust or Volt Radio following previous Citadel restructuring and the merger between Citadel and Cumulus. With changed market definitions, Cumulus now looks to take these stations back. They are:

AC “Warm 94.9” KRMW Cedarville, AR. The station changed city of license from Praire Grove in 2011, which moved it from the Fayetteville, AR market to Fort Smith. Cumulus says that is enough to allow it to reabsorb the station.

Classic Rock “96.3 The Mountain” KBZU Albuquerque. In this application, Cumulus says the move of 1510 KOAZ Isleta into the market in 2010 brought the market over the 45 station threshold which allows them to add an additional signal in the market.

Urban AC “Magic 107.3” WMGL Ravenel/Charleston, SC. Here the company states that the move of the station from 101.7 to 107.3, which in turn moved Cumulus’ 107.5 WNKT to the Columbia market in 2007 was enough to allow them to reabsorb WMGL.

Urban AC “92Q” WQQK Goodlettsville/Nashville, TN. With the sale of then 97.1 WRQQ (Now WLVU) to EMF Broadcasting closing, Cumulus plans on taking WQQK back to replace it in its Nashville cluster. CHR “I106.7” WNFN will remain in the Volt Radio Trust.

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