WIND Chicago Has An Answer

560 The Answer WIND Chicago John Howell Amy Jacobson Steve CochranSalem Communications continues the rollout of “The Answer” as its branding for its Conservative Talk stations today as 560 WIND Chicago revamps as “560 The Answer“.

With today’s renaming WIND joins Salem stations in Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Riverside using the moniker. The station’s on-air lineup will be unaffected. Local hosts John Howell and Amy Jacobson remain from 5-9am followed by Glenn Beck from 9-11, Dennis Miller 11-2, Michael Medved 2-5, and local host Steve Cochran 5-7pm. Salem’s Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and Dennis Prager round out the lineup at night although Time-Out Chicago’s Robert Feder reported last week that the company is in talks with former congressman Joe Walsh to host a local evening show with potential for national syndication.

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  1. G4 says

    Not even a 0.1 in the last book, and a name change is their “answer.” Hmmmmmmm….

  2. Jeremy Andrews says

    They’re not subscribed to Arbitron. It doesn’t matter. However, when they were they usually showed up at around a 0.5

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