Classic Country Duel Breaks Out In San Antonio

Classic Country 680 KKYX 104.9 K285EU Houston Jerry King Cox 92.5 93.3 KBUC K-BUCUpdate 3:00pm: With 104.9 debuting as a simulcast of Classic Country 680 KKYX, Clear Channel has fired back by turning on 93.3 K227BH McQueeny as a simulcast of Classic Country “92.5 KBUC” KRPT Devine. Owned by Mary Lopez, K227BH operates with 250 watts from downtown San Antonio and is fed by Clear Channel’s 104.5 KZEP-HD2.

The 92.5 KBUC format debuted on February 22, when the station dropped its simulcast of Rhythmic CHR “Wild 105.7” K289BN.

Original Report 7:55am: 104.9 K285EU Mendoza, TX has completed its upgrade to 250 watts and signed-on on Friday rebroadcasting Cox Classic Country 680 KKYX.

Cox filed to acquire the translator in March 2012 from Houston Christian Broadcasters for $250,000 and concurrently filed its application to relocate the signal to the KKYX studio building and upgrade to 250 watts. While the CP for the move was granted in February and now completed, the sale to Cox has yet to be approved by the FCC.

An informal objection by Clear Channel has held up the closing of the sale. Clear Channel contends that Cox acquired the translator for below fair market value because of its own petition to have the translator deleted in 2011. That petition was withdrawn when Houston Christian Broadcasters agreed to sell the translator to Cox. Clear Channel seeks that the FCC investigate the claims made by Cox’s original petition and look into whether the translator’s license should be deleted rather than transferred to Cox.

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  1. Destructor says

    The sale still hasn’t gone through. I wonder if it ever will or if 104.9 will just continue in limbo.
    The music still is playing on it.

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