WOKI Proposes Frequency Move & Upgrade

98.7 WOKI Knoxville 98.3 WMTY WHAY Whitley City SweetwaterCumulus News/Talk 98.7 WOKI Oliver Springs/Knoxville, TN has applied for a signal upgrade and move to 98.3. The move will require contingent changes by three other stations; 98.3 WHAY Whitley City, KY, 98.3 WMTY-FM Sweetwater, TN, and 98.5 WTFM Kingsport, TN.

The proposal would see WOKI relocate from 98.7 to 98.3 with a classification change from C3 to C2. The station, which currently operates with 8kW at 174 meters, would jump to 45kW at 159 meters from a new tower eight miles closer to Knoxville proper.

To make the upgrade possible, WHAY Whitley City, KY will relocate from 98.3 to 95.7 and WMTY-FM Sweetwater will be requested to move from 98.3 to 98.7. WTFM’s change simply regards changing its licensed coordinates while remaining at the same tower and antenna height.

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