KOKE-FM Austin Adds Third Signal

KOKE FM Austin 105.3 98.5 99.3 Bob ColeA day after celebrating its first anniversary on air, Texas/Classic Country KOKE-FM Austin has added a third over the air signal for its programming.

98.5 K253AN Sunset Valley, TX has moved out of Austin’s West Lake Hills to serve South Austin and Hays County southwest of Austin. Replacing that translator in serving Austin itself is 105.3 K287FG Austin. The 75 watt translator covers Travis County and Austin proper. The two translators extend the reach of northeast Austin rimshot 99.3 KOKE-FM Thorndale into the Austin market. The station’s programming is also heard on 107.1 KLZT-HD4, which is the originating station for both translators.

KOKE-FM has slowly made inroads in the market as it registered a 1.9 share in the May PPM monthly with its mix of Texas artists, Classic Country, and Americana.

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