FCC Applications 7/26

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsA number of the FCC Auction 94 winning applicants have filed to make changes as they apply for their construction permits.

  • Connoissuer Media has applied to move its new 95.9 in Erie, PA east across the New York State line to Mina where it will operate with 1.55kW at 200 meters.
  • Point Broadcasting looks to move its 98.9 Mojave, CA to Mettler, where it will operate with 6kw at -89 meters.
  • Resonance Media’s 96.9 in Grand Portage, MN will downgrade from a C0 to a C1 operating with 100kW at 273 meters.
  • Meanwhile Multi-Cultural Diversity Radio has applied to move one of its two new CP’s in Grand Portage from 102.7 to 98.1 to prevent interference with CILU Thunder Bay, ON.
  • Eternity Records Company seeks to upgrade its 94.3 in Harrisonburg, LA from a Class A to C3. It would operate with 15kW at 94 meters.
  • Eternity also wants to relocate its new Vardaman, MS allocation from 99.5 to 94.5 where the Class A will run 6kW at 97 meters.
  • Charles Crawford applies to move his new C3 on 95.3 in Sonora, TX to a C2 on 95.9 in Christoval. From the new location the 50kW at 94.6 meter signal will rimshot the San Angelo market.
  • Crawford has also applied to change his 98.9 C3 in Crowell, TX to a Class A licensed to Lueders.
  • KBI has applied to move their class C on 102.3 in Prairie City, OR to Island City as a C2 running 1kW at 754 meters.
  • Radio Dalhart’s 99.3 in Leakey, TX applies to move to Comstock with 6kW at 100 meters
  • Hispanic Target Media’s 107.7 in San Joaquin, CA seeks to relocate to Kettleman City with 6kw at 63 meters
  • DMC Broadcasting’s C3 in Taos Pueblo, NM seeks to upgrade to a C1 with 23kW at 441 meters licensed to Springer, NM
  • Concurrently, DMC’s 105.5 in Taos will change its COL to Taos Pueblo.
  • Kona Coast Radio’s 105.1 in Wheatland, WY applies to relocate to Lingle with 2.55kW at 154 meters.

EMF Broadcasting has agreed to purchase 92.9 KLMD Talent, OR from James McDaniel for $250,000 plus an additional $250,000 if its concurrent application to upgrade its signal is approved by the FCC. EMF has applied to move the station to 101.1 where it will operate with 350 watts at 408 meters serving the Medford market.

EMF is also swapping 103.9 K280BW Klamath Falls, OR and $125,000 to Basin Mediactive for a yet-to-be built CP on 100.9 in Malin, OR. The station will file an application to adjust from C1 to C3 and a change of frequency to 100.7. The move of the Malin CP and KLMD will be used to allow Basin Mediactive to remove 92.9 KLAD-FM’s 73.215 contour protections.

Mount Wilson FM continues to expand in the Monterey, CA area with the purchase of the CP for 106.7 K294CA Monterey for $125,000 from Broadcast Towers, Inc. The 250 watt translator will be used to rebroadcast 97.9 KYZZ-HD2.

Newman Media’s 95.5 W238BW Lake City, FL has applied to upgrade from 10 to 250 watts in conjunction with its pending flip to Country.

Bradlee J. Beer has applied to boost his 101.1 W266BG Dayton, OH from 20 to 99 watts. The translator will rebroadcast a subchannel of Cox Media’s 99.1 WHKO.

GAF Holdings has acquired 97.5 K248BX Porterville, CA for $40,000 from Radio Assist Ministry. GAF has concurrently applied to upgrade and relocate the unbuilt translator to Visalia where it will operate with 250 watts rebroadcasting Momentum Broadcasting’s 106.7 KJUG-FM Visalia.

Hall Communications has agreed to purchase the CP for 104.5 W283BW New London, CT from Revival Christian Ministries for $200,000. Hall has applied to relocate the translator to Norwich where at 250 watts it will rebroadcast “Personality Radio” 1310 WICH Norwich.

Following their purchase of two translators in the Raleigh/Durham market, Curtis Media has applied to begin the process of moving them to better signals in the market. 97.1 W246CG Durham will relocate to 96.5 where it will operate with 1 milliwatt at 9 meters in what is likely the first step towards its final destination rebroadcasting 620 WDNC. 99.3 W257CS Morrisville will upgrade from 2 to 250 watts rebroadcasting 99.9 WCMC-HD2 (which in turn rebroadcasts 620 WDNC).

Family Stations have filed to remove the main studio waiver at eight more of its stations. The stations in question all currently serve as satellites of 91.7 KUFR Salt Lake City but wish to change to 610 KEAR San Francisco and satisfy their public file requirement via the internet. The stations are: 88.9 KFRD Butte MT, 88.9 KYOR Newport OR, 88.9 KQFE Springfield OR, 89.5 KJVH Longview WA, 89.9 KFRY Pueblo CO, 91.9 KFRW Great Falls MT, and 91.9 KXFR Socorro NM. KUFR is also seeking to become a satellite of KEAR itself.

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