CBS Adds National Concert Element To Local Sports Deal

CBS Radio Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center WFAN 660 101.9 New YorkCBS Radio and the Brooklyn Nets announced a wide-encompassing deal today between the two organizations.

On the heels of CBS moving the New York Yankees broadcasts to 660/101.9 WFAN New York, the station has renewed its deal to remain flagship station of the Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise. As part of the deal the team will have a weekly Brooklyn Nets Report on WFAN’s midday show and expanded pre and postgame coverage.

The deal will also see WFAN air select Boxing events and college and high school basketball events that take place at the Nets’ Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The most unique part of the deal will see CBS and the arena develop and program a live concert series that will be promoted nationally on CBS owned radio stations. The series will be co-produced by both entities and feature numerous national promotions to bring listeners to the Brooklyn arena.

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