Second FM Talker Launches In Myrtle Beach

News Talk 93.9 WJXY 93.7 WXJY Conway Georgetown Myrtle Beach Don Imus Mike Huckabee Phil ValentineAfter a short run as Country/Southern Rock93.9 The Outlaw“, trustee Joule Broadcasting (Formerly Volt Radio Trust) has returned 93.9 WJXY-FM Conway/Myrtle Beach and 93.7 WXJY Georgetown, SC to the air as Conservative Talk “News Talk 93.9“.

The stations will feature a fully syndicated lineup of Imus In The Morning from 6-9am, Mike Gallagher 9am-12pm, Mike Huckabee 12-3pm, Phil Valentine 3-6pm, Hugh Hewitt 6-9pm, John Batchelor 9pm-1am, and Red Eye Radio 1-6am. The station will also feature ABC News and the NFL franchise that plays in Washington, DC. The format places in in competition with NextMedia’s “Hot Talk 99.5” WRNN-FM.

WJXY-FM/WXJY had been dark since the end of June when they cancelled their LMA with the operators of the “Outlaw“.

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