Rochester’s Team Doubles

Business 1310 Team 1590 105.5 WASB WRBS Rochester Canandaigua BrockportGenesee Media Corporation has returned 1310 WRSB Canandaigua and 1590 WASB Brockport, NY to a simulcast of each other.

The stations had simulcast multiple formats for many years until being broken apart in September when 1590 flipped to Sports. Now 1310 has dumped its short-lived “Business 1310” Business News format to join WASB as “1310/1590 The Team“. The stations are running the national CBS Sports Radio feed around the clock.

1310 WRSB serves the eastern side of the Rochester market with 1kW signal directional to the north. 1590 WASB serves the western side with a 1kW signal directional to the northwest. 1310 is also heard on 105.1 W286AE Fairport, which currently operates with a mere 2 watts, but holds a CP to increase to 250 with a move to 105.5.

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