Cumulus Preps National Launch Of America’s Morning Show

America's Morning Show Blair Garner Chuck Wicks Terri Clark Cumulus Nash NashFM SyndicationCumulus’ “America’s Morning Show” is going National in 2014.

Originating in Nashville, but based at “Nash-FM 94.7” WNSH New York, the program led by Blair Garner will begin being distributed to other Country stations in the new year. The announcement comes buried in a release announcing the hiring of three new staffers for Cumulus’ Nash initiative.

Cumulus announces the hiring of three key NASH executives in preparation for the national launches of “America’s Morning Show” and “NASH Nights Live with Shawn Parr” next month.

The new executives are:
Ian Zak, Executive Producer for “America’s Morning Show” – Zak joins “America’s Morning Show” after most recently serving as National Producer for Clear Channel’s Contemporary Hit Radio channel on Premium Choice as well as Producer for 102.7 KIIS/Los Angeles popular “JoJo on the Radio” show. Before moving to KIIS FM, Zak held a series of producing roles at 104.3 MY FM in Los Angeles.

Elaina Smith, Co-host of “NASH Nights Live with Shawn Parr” – Smith joins “NASH Nights Live” from Cumulus station WA1A 107.1 FM in Florida, where she served as Co-host of the A1A Morning Show alongside DJ Timmy Vee. Prior to joining Cumulus, Elaina was an on-air personality on San Diego’s “Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw” show on 100.7 JACK FM.

Jason Addams, Program Coordinator (for all programming originating at the NASH studio in Nashville) – Addams brings to Cumulus more than 15 years of programming experience, having served as Program Director at 101.5 WBNQ FM in Bloomington, IL and WSTO HOT 96 FM in Evansville, IN. Addams also held on-air and programming positions at stations including 99.5 WZPL in Indianapolis, IN, Hoosier Country 103.7 in Royal Center, IN and The Beat 104.3 in Austin, TX.

Cumulus launched the NASH entertainment brand based on the Country music lifestyle in January of this year starting with the flagship NASH FM 94.7 in New York City. In addition to country radio stations, the NASH brand will include a NASH magazine, concerts/events, online content and television programming.

“These veteran radio programmers will help us continue building NASH into the premier Country music and lifestyle brand across the U.S.,” said John Dickey, Executive Vice President and Co-COO of Cumulus.

Zak said, “I’m beyond thrilled to take the next step in my career and work with radio legends like Blair Garner to bring ‘America’s Morning Show’ to a national audience.”

Smith said, “This opportunity is something that most people only dream of. I am thrilled and humbled to be playing a part in the growth of NASH FM, and ready to meet the nation.”

Addams said, “I am so thankful to Cumulus for the faith. It’s an honor to help contribute to the amazing NASH team.”

No affiliates have been announced yet for America’s Morning Show.

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  1. BC says

    this is an obvious inevitable reality that everyone knew from the launch of the show. I.e “america’s morning show” and the only reason affiliate data hasn’t been released is because of “taking inventory” because every cumulus country morning host has been counting the days to this. so here’s another inevitable reality, they get to join the popular trend of holiday layoffs this year. either morning show hosts are placed into other day parts therefore displacing others, or they just get let go in the first place. there are only 2 available slots anyway, i’ve listened to a few nash’s that have weekend personalities, but this is a national platform, only meant to locally serve the workday parts.

  2. Joseph_Gallant says

    As I mentioned on The Now Defunct Radio Messageboard at the time WNSH-94.7 in the New York area launched “America’s Morning Show”, it was a matter of time.

    Look for every local morning show on Cumulus-owned country stations (and perhaps some on non-Cumulus stations) to be replaced by “America’s Morning Show” as soon as the first full week of January.

    Don’t be surprised if the next step is national “Nash FM” midday and afternoon shows to go along with the nighttime and overnight syndicated shows already announced or launched.

    “Nash FM” will be a full national network, and on most “Nash” stations, commercials will be the only locally-originated content (unless an eventual national midday of afternoon show on the “network” originates at one of the “Nash” stations).

  3. BC says

    Joseph, I mostly agree with you though I think if they were smart “yea i know large corporate giant, i can hear the laughter through the screen” they would at least leave drive time afternoons open to a local host, because despite the sales team efforts there needs to be some sort of local accountability to a host. Then again, they could go the mailing it in route and have garner and Kix produce local spots and justify it with their celebrity status. if they do nationalize the whole platform, it WILL backfire, not because i don’t believe a national platform can succeed, but because it will allow the local competitor to leverage a bit more strategically. but at the end of the day, it is about lessening the debt load, so i can easily see everything you just mentioned come to fruition.

    1. bobloblaw says

      …..But…….. Will it play in Peoria? Hmmmmm………….I wonder……………

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