D Magazine Goes In Depth Into The Last Days Of Kidd Kraddick

Kidd Kraddick Death Last Days Secret Cancer Successor D MagazineAs part of a section highlighting Dallas/Fort Worth radio, D Magazine’s January issue features a look at the last days of Kidd Kraddick’s life along with the secret he took with him.

Among the other tidbits featured in the article are how Kraddick was an early adopter of building a radio community online, the person who he was developing a succession plan to replace him, his last conversation with his daughter, and the state of his estate. One of the truly must-read features about the radio industry.

Also featured in the magazine are their ranking of the top 20 shows in Dallas radio, guide to the AM dial, 24 hours at 89.3 KNON, and a 20th anniversary look at the history of Sports “1310 The Ticket” KTCK.

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  1. Jay Walker says

    Kid knowing you suffered through lymphoma, I take my hat off to you knowing the disease first hand as you did. Beating the fear is thoroughest part, knowing every drug they give you has side effects that always point towards death The amount of strength you used to beat your disease is incredible, and I hope you can whisper in my ear your secret, You will be missed by those you worked with and by those you work against all in a positive way. Rest well my friend, I know you are writing a classic Burn Your Bums” script as we speak…God Bless you, your daughter, fiancee, and your cast.

    Jay Walker
    Rest in Peace, and rest well…
    Jay Walker

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