Clear Channel Confirms Sales Cuts

Clear Channel Media Entertainment Sales Layoff RestructuringClear Channel has made cuts at sales departments across the country.

While not specifying the amount of people let go, the company has released the following statement regarding the layoffs:

As a policy, we don’t discuss personnel matters. However, for the last several months we have been flattening our senior management organization to reduce overlap. Now we are aligning our sales organizations to this new structure and to give more resources, authority and accountability to the most productive members of our team so we can operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Change is not always easy, and unfortunately in the process some people were negatively impacted. We thank them for their commitment and service and wish them the best for the future, and will work with them to help make this transition as easy as possible.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    “Negatively Impacted”.

    In other words: Laid Off.

    1. jimh says

      Exactly, Joseph……..wonder how massive the purge was?

      1. Joseph_Gallant says

        I don’t know how many people got axed, but it could be a lot.

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