Ryan Seacrest To Expand Clear Channel Role

Clear Channel Ryan Seacrest IHeartRadio ProductionsThe Hollywood Reporter reports that Ryan Seacrest is in talks with Clear Channel to expand his role with the company.

Seacrest is currently in the process of renegotiating his duties with his multiple employers. THR’s report states that Seacrest will depart amicably with NBC Universal leaving his role as Red Carpet Host for E!, while signing an extension with Fox to remain as host of American Idol. The biggest change will be an increased role with Clear Channel where his current $25 million per year contract runs through next year.

Seacrest would build more multi-platform programming for Clear Channel and IHeartRadio via his Ryan Seacrest Productions. They state the One Direction IHeartRadio album release special on the CW last year as an example of the type of content Seacrest will produce. An E! special focusing on the last ten years of his KIIS-FM based morning show will air on April 23.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Ratings for “American Idol” have fallen so far so fast that I’m beginning to think it might not be back next season, which would give Seacrest an even lighter workload.

    One big winner in all this is Matt Lauer of NBC-TV’s “Today Show”. There had been speculation that Seacrest would replace Lauer.

    1. Charles Everett says

      Go back and read the 2nd paragraph. Seacrest is leaving NBC Universal, not Fox. He’s executive producer of the Kardashian shows that air on E! — and that’s where he sees the writing on the wall.

      Seacrest also was booed out of the Denver Broncos’ stadium last September because NBC had him do his “Idol” act at the season-opening NFL game.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    Ryan Seacrest: a cancer to the broadcasting industry in more ways than one. (Replacing Casey Kasem, Rick Dees and Dick Clark AND trumpeting the worthless decadence that are the Kardashians come to mind right off the bat.)

    Clear Channel is doubling down on stupid by expanding his role at iHeartRadio.

    1. Zdauph says

      Casey Kasem was well into his 70s hosting a CHR countdown show and Dick Clark was well into his 70s and had a massive stroke. Those guys were all done regardless of Seacrest.

      Rick Dees was a 53 year old man trying to appeal to F18-34… that was no shocker either.

      In essentially 10 years of Seacrest, his success says it all. I don’t hate on the guy for being successful. He appeals to the money demos, and so do his products. He’s a solid money maker.

      If it wasn’t him replacing midday personalities on CC stations, it would have been someone else.

    2. Lance Venta says

      I don’t quite understand the hate towards him. What has Seacrest done that others before him haven’t? He’s someone who began doing radio in his teens. Most who became as successful as he has would walk away from radio at first opportunity, yet he keeps doing it. While I’m sure the paycheck doesn’t hurt, its clear he’s passionate about the medium.

      He replaced Kasem and Dees because of talent. Shrewd business acumen made him rich as a producer of the Kardashians and other reality shows. If not Seacrest someone else would’ve done so.

  3. microbob says

    So, Is Ryan Seacrest going to the only on air talent/robo jock heard on every Clear Channel station? I hope not!

  4. microbob says

    So, Is Ryan Seacrest going to be the only on air talent/robo jock heard on every Clear Channel station? I hope not!

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