Austin’s Zone Adds ESPN

1300 The Zone KVET Austin Mike Mike Colin Cowherd Dan Patrick ESPNClear Channel Sports “1300 The Zone” KVET Austin has shuffled its schedule as it adds a few programs from ESPN Radio.

Joining the KVET lineup are ESPN’s Mike & Mike from 5-9am and Colin Cowherd from 9-11am. The additions bump The Dan Patrick Show from a live clearance to a tape-delayed airing from 7pm to 10pm. The rest of the Zone’s lineup stays in-tact with Jay Mohr Sports from 11am-2pm, the local Sports Buffet with Craig Way, Rod Babers and Jon Madani from 2-7pm, and Fox Sports Radio programming from 10pm to 5am.

ESPN Radio has not been available in the Austin market since Genuine Austin Radio dropped the network affiliation from “104.9 The Horn” KTXX at the beginning of the year.

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  1. Hank Wilson says

    Good for them. Enjoy Mike and Mike a whole lot more than Taylor, who’s sounds like he desperatly wants to be thought of as cool by the other 15 year olds. And while I’m not a huge Cowherd fan, imo he spends waaaaayyyy to much time talking about how smart he thinks he is and why he’s talking about what he’s talking about rather than actual sports. But he’s better than listening to Patrick who I’ve always maintained has the single most boring delivery and show I’ve ever heard.

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