FCC Applications 4/30

Translator Moves

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsEntercom has agreed to purchase the Construction Permit for 105.7 W289CB Milwaukee from Kevin Youngers for $300,000. As part of the sale, Entercom has applied to relocate the translator to the tower of 103.7 WXSS where it will operate with 240 watts at 284 meters rebroadcasting 103.7 WXSS-HD3 (Coverage Map).

Apple 107.1 Inc. has made yet another modification to its application for 106.3 W292DV New York as it changes the originating station to Multicultural Broadcasting’s 1660 WWRU Jersey City. The translator will operate with 40 watts at 200 meters (Coverage Map).

Alpine Broadcasting is attempting to move two of its translators into Kansas City, or in this case Kansas Cities. 92.7 K224ET Knob Noster, MO seeks to relocate to Kansas City, KS where it will rebroadcast Catholic Radio Network’s recently acquired 1190 KPHN Kansas City with 99 watts at 282 meters (Coverage Map). 106.5 K293BM Clinton, MO has modified its existing application to relocate to 106.9 in Kansas City, MO where it will rebroadcast “ESPN 1510” KCTE Independence with 250 watts Vertical and 282 meters from the same tower site as K224ET (Coverage Map).

After acquiring 99.1 W256CD Fultondale, AL from Comtek earlier this month, Shelby Broadcast Associates has applied to relocate the translator to a new site where it will operate with 130 watts at 347 meters (Coverage Map) rebroadcasting Summit Media’s Gospel 610 WAGG Birmingham.

Sam-Sno Educational Media’s 92.9 K278BW Tumwater, WA seeks to relocate to Olympia where it will operate with 140 watts at 93 meters (Coverage Map). The translator will rebroadcast JOSH Broadcasting’s 93.7 KANY Montesano.

Apex Broadcasting applies to boost 106.5 W293BZ Hilton Head, SC from 80 watts at 51 meters to 250 watts at 156 meters rebroadcasting a subchannel of 103.1 WVSC (Coverage Map).

Saga Communications has a near monopoly on the Ithaca, NY market with six stations and eight translators serving the market. Saga has filed to make various modifications to seven of the eight translators.

94.9 W235BR seeks to upgrade from 10 watts at -65.5 meters to 125 watts at 163 meters rebroadcasting 97.3 WQNY-HD2 (Coverage Map). 96.3 W242AB applies for an increase from 180 watts at 4.9 meters to 205 watts at 162 meters (Coverage Map). 98.7 W254BF will go from 35 watts at 162 meters to 54 watts at 163 meters (Coverage Map). 100.3 W262AD applies for a move from 250 watts at -82.4 meters to 250 watts at 158 meters (Coverage Map). 95.9 W240CB, 96.7 W244CZ, and 103.3 W277BS will all retain their existing 250 watts at 162 meters power while modifying their directional arrays. All of the translators are licensed to Ithaca and will operate from the same tower.

Station Moves

In addition to seeking to upgrade 106.5 W293BZ, Apex Broadcasting has applied to relocate its recently acquired Classic Hits “104.9 The Surf” WLHH Ridgeland, SC to the tower site of sister 103.1 WVSC. The move will see WLHH upgrade from a Class C3 with 16kW at 125 meters to a C2 with 50kW at 150 meters (Coverage Map).

Shamrock Communications has applied to relocate Sports 100.1 WEJL-FM Forest City, PA closer to Scranton. The station’s new facilities would be 6kW at 97 meters but 6 miles closer to the market (Coverage Map).

Rochelle Broadcasting Country “102.3 The Coyote” WRHL-FM Rochelle, IL proposes boosting its signal from 4.6kW at 56 meters to 6kW from the same height and location (Coverage Map).

Translator Sales

Palm Beach Radio Group has purchased 96.7 W244BK Twentymile Bend/West Palm Beach, FL from Reach Communications for $55,000. The translator holds a Construction Permit to relocate to 97.1 where it will operate with 99 watts at 121.6 meters (Coverage Map). Along with previously acquired 96.1 W241AX Boca Raton, the pair of translators will give Haitian 1340 WPBR FM coverage throughout much of Palm Beach County.

Way Media is selling 98.1 W251BG Tarrant/Birmingham, AL to Valleydale Broadcasting for $35,000. The translator holds a CP to shift to 98.3 with 150 watts at 350 meters (Coverage Map). Like 99.1 W256CD mentioned above, the translator is licensed to rebroadcast Summit Media’s Gospel “Heaven 610” WAGG Birmingham.

Jodesha Broadcasting is adding an additional signal to its Aberdeen, WA cluster as it acquires 100.5 K263BE Aberdeen from Sam-Sno Educational Media for $1. The translator will rebroadcast an HD subchannel of 102.1 KSWW.

Conner Media has sold 103.3 W277CF Burgaw, NC to Grace Missionary Baptist Church for a second time. The $55,000 purchase replaces a 2011 sale that never closed due to a delay in granting a Construction Permit to move the translator into Wilmington. That move, which will place W277CF on 92.7 with 150 watts at 141 meters was granted in February (Coverage Map).

New Translator Grants

A pair of new translators were granted this past week. George W. Kimble gains 92.5 K223CI Tucson with 10 watts at 32.4 meters rebroadcasting 1080 KGVY Green Valley (Coverage Map). Clear Channel receives 107.9 W300CN Harrisonburg, VA with 250 watts at 477 meters rebroadcasting 93.7 WAZR-HD2 Woodstock (Coverage Map).

The FCC has also released mutually-exclusive translator applications in four markets that have through June 30 to come up with a settlement prior to being auctioned off. KMBQ Corporation in Wasilla, AK and Alaska Educational Radio System in Willow are competing for a 100.1 allocation. Clear Channel in Eagle River, AK and Alaska Educational Radio System in Anchorage are competing for 101.7. Horizon Christian Fellowship in Kingman, AZ and Donald F. Hendren in Peach Springs, AZ each have an application for 99.5. Iron County in Kanarraville, UT and Brigham Young University in Ivins are competing for a 97.1 allotment.

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  1. BC says

    Hey for what its worth, Ed Christian and Saga managed to bamboozle the FCC into letting them pull off a monopoly successfully. Yet I don’t really see many companies clambering for an Ithaca station, and prior to z95’s launch in 08, no one was really doing anything remarkable, and Gabe is a solid programmer who will carry that cluster to guaranteed future successes.

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