WCAR Detroit Shifts To Yahoo! Sports

NBC Sports 1090 Yahoo WCAR Detroit Sima Birach BroadcastingBirach Broadcasting’s 1090 WCAR Livonia/Detroit is switching to its third Sports network in less than a year.

Last July WCAR dropped ESPN Radio in favor of NBC Sports Radio as the ESPN affiliation was pulled to move to Greater Media’s 105.1 WMGC. Now the station will drop NBC on Monday, May 12 to shift to Gow Communications’ Yahoo! Sports Radio. The station will broadcast the Yahoo! lineup around the clock.

We have been experiencing tremendous growth in 2014, adding affiliates in a number of strategic markets, such as St. Louis, Las Vegas and Reno, said David Gow, CEO of Yahoo! Sports Radio. We are delighted to announce today our newest affiliate in Detroit. We are excited to convert WCAR to Yahoo! Sports Radio, and to build a connection with the passionate sports fans of Detroit.”

“Our lineup of guys like Steve Czaban, Bob Ryan, Travis Rodgers, Sean Salisbury, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde is one of the top rosters in the country. Our content is fueling significant growth for the network.” said Craig Larson, COO of Yahoo! Sports Radio.

The network change comes amidst controversy at the station as a local family claims they were bilked out of a $950,000 investment in the station via a deal they made with Sima Birach, Jr. who operates the station via LMA from his father Sima Birach, Sr.

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  1. laurenceglavin says

    Remember the song “short people have no right to exist”? It strikes me that WCAR-AM 1090 has no right to exist. Two-hundred-fifty watts with a four tower array days and 500 watts with a SIX-tower array at night and pre-dawn? Is it coverage area in Detroit itself limited to the parts of the city that have been abandoned?

  2. Nathan Obral says

    WCAR’s affiliation with Yahoo! Sports Radio will last until they too find out about Sima Birach, Jr.’s notoriety.

  3. Dr. Akbar says

    Maybe some yahoo at Yahoo Sports thought W~Car was still at 11~Thirty?? But there are bigger and better things in store for them as eventually 13~Ten will return to the air. And for Yahoo Sports, that’ll be just Keener!

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