Redskins Trademark Battle Spreads To Radio Holdings

ESPN 980 WTEM 94.3 WWXX 92.7 WWXT 950 WXGI Red Zebra Daniel Snyder RedskinsThe debate over whether the Washington Redskins NFL franchise should change its name is spreading to the radio holdings of Red Zebra Broadcasting.

While stating that any use of the name by a broadcaster should be considered indecent, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt told Indian Country Today Media Network that the commission should should reevaluate whether or not Daniel Snyder is fit to hold station licenses. Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, owns Sports “ESPN 980” WTEM Washington/92.7 WWXT Prince Frederick MD/94.3 WWXX Buckland, “SportsTalk 570” WSPZ Bethesda MD, and “ESPN 950” WXGI Richmond (and LMA’s simulcaster 100.5 WZEZ Goochland, VA). The stations operate as the flagship for the team’s broadcasts.

The FCC should consider whether Mr. Snyder is fit to own radio station licenses given that he uses radio stations to broadcast an ethnic slur,” he said. “These licenses are owned by the public and they are given to individuals for the purpose of serving the public interest. The FCC does not give radio station licenses to felons; it doesn’t give radio station licenses to people of bad character. Historically, the FCC has been reluctant to give broadcast licenses to people who advocate racially intolerant positions.

INSTANT INSIGHT: This is a stretch, yet I think Mr. Hundt realizes this. He simply wants to create yet another way to force pressure on Snyder to rightfully change the name of the football team. While the team name is disrespectful and its use severely outdated, there is nothing criminal about it nor has Daniel Snyder done anything criminal. He is not a felon, just severely misguided on the continued use of the name.

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  1. BC says

    so here’s a press release of my own, I’m obviously not as “intellegent” as a government official, so take it for what it’s worth. When dealing with the issue of intollerance, it’s important to look at the facts while ignoring speculations. Just because is stubbornly holding onto a name doesn’t make him a fellon, and i figure this supposedly well studied man wouldn’t stoop to political straw man arguments containing several holes of logical falicies only meant to incite further division on the topic. If this man were actually intellegent as his former position suggests, then he would realize that his behavior is no better than that of his adversary. This is a direct attack of character, and last i checked, merely attacking someone’s character hasn’t lead to any viable solutions in racial or ethnic arguments. If i were a Native American, I would be appalled at the fact that this lobbying agenda peddler looking for political clout is actually taking away from the necessity of educating people as to why the redskins name is offended. Luckily for him, there will never be a law against stupid people diliberately running their mouth to get attention and victory for a fight that isn’t theres. so he can march on writing blog entries, and as a lobbyist for the topic, its obvious he wants to be a politician, not speaking of solutions, but only of problems and who is to blame for them. The owner is not a public figure, so what this unintellegent snob is doing is border line illegal. In a fight, if you’re not involved, and you step in and fire shots, then both parties should be arrested. I don’t know if we’ve proven that he is unfit to run radio stations, but we’ve proved that this former commissioner is not fit to advocate for any group, nor to accurately administrate any type of media.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    It almost sounds to me like they are daring Dan Synder to sell the team or move it outright. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did relocate the Redskins (with a wholesale name change) and sell off the DC radio stations in an act of pure spite. There exists precedent in the NFL’s history.

    While the Redskins name should be retired, this is the wrong way to make that happen, and could result in a move that will disappoint and anger everyone.

  3. Bongwater says

    The name is stupid, racist and hopelessly outdated (times do change) and stubbornly holding on to such a stupid artifact isn’t helping Mr. Snyder (or anybody.) And I also agree with Nathan the consequences of moving the team are going to piss off a lot of Washington DC football fans. But also as someone with Cree blood and family, this can’t go on.

    Mr. Snyder and some Washington DC football fans may gripe about “tradition” but all traditions change with time. Sometimes by force, as my ancestors would tell you. I’m hoping Mr. Snyder will come to his senses because nobody wants to see it come to that. But enough’s enough.

    C’mon. This is 2014. There are far better team names than stupid racist caricatures from another time and pointlessly holding on to such an archaic relic will only hurt the team inevitably. He won’t be able to escape this regardless of his opinions. It’s better he change it now, get it over with and save some remaining face.

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