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ConnectPal Neal Boortz Andy DeanConservative Talk host Neal Boortz is coming out of retirement to host a subscription podcast on Andy Dean’s

Boortz exited his WSB Atlanta based syndicated talker in January 2013. He has still been producing regular commentaries and blog posts for WSB. At he joins founder Dean, who exited his Premiere Radio Networks syndicated talker this past summer.

Radio Legend Neal Boortz has decided to join Neal Boortz will broadcast his radio show 2-3 times a week for his subscribers on ConnectPal. As the host of “The Neal Boortz Show,” Neal reached over 6 million weekly listeners and was ranked in the Top 10 highest rated broadcasters in radio. Boortz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.
Boortz said, “My new show will offer the painful truth about current events, and I am an equal opportunity offender, so no one is safe.”

Neal Boortz joins over 25 other radio hosts and 200 other content creators who have decided to monetize their digital content on, a company that launched just a few months ago.

ConnectPal CEO/Founder and former Premiere Networks Nationally Syndicated Host, Andy Dean said, “Neal Boortz is a legend. But more importantly, he has a great business mind. Neal gets how the future of content will be delivered. Any radio host or content creator with any common sense should join ConnectPal.”

Boortz commented on joining ConnectPal, “After stepping down from full-time radio last year, I was looking for a platform to podcast, and there is only one good choice – that’s ConnectPal. I get to do shows however I want, whenever I want, and I set my price for my work.”

On ConnectPal, any content creator can create a free profile and add content to their profile, then the content creator sets a monthly price for subscribers to view their profile content. Over 200 ConnectPal content creators provide content for tens of thousands of paying subscribers.

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