FCC Applications 10/30

Station Moves

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsFamily Life Broadcasting’s 88.1 KJTY Topeka, KS is attempting to rimshot Kansas City a little more as it is applying to move its transmitter site eastward to near Lawrence where it will operate with 88kW at 176.9 meters (Coverage Map). Concurrently, Templo Apostoles y Prophetas Bethel’s 88.1 KZGC-FM Garden City, KS applies to upgrade to 1kW at 125 meters (Coverage Map).

Liberman Broadcasting is reapplying for two of its expiring CP’s. In the Dallas suburbs, “FunAsia 104.9” KZMP-FM Pilot Point seeks 42kW at 606 meters (Coverage Map). In suburban Houston, “La Raza 103.3” KJOJ-FM Freeport wants 100kW at 595.8 meters (Coverage Map).

In between Houston and San Antonio, Roy Henderson’s 92.3 KNRG New Ulm, TX seeks to increase from a Class A to C3 with 12kW at 145 meters (Coverage Map).

Charles Crawford’s CP for 92.7 KFON Mullin, TX seeks a move to 103.3 with 100 watts at 47 meters (Coverage Map).

Abilene Christian University’s Public News/Talk 89.7 KACU Abliene proposes an upgrade from a Class C2 to C1 with a move to 89.5. It will operate with 100kW at 189 meters (Coverage Map).

Finally in Texas, with its CP set to expire on November 2, Panther Communications seeks a modification of 102.9 KXON Ozona, TX to 200 watts at -16 meters to get the station on the air before losing its permit (Coverage Map).

Marble City Media’s CP for 105.1 WRFS Rockford, AL seeks a modification to 6kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map).

Super Waves LLC has applied and been granted a modification of its CP for 94.1 WLZT Worthington, IN to 700 watts at 48 meters (Coverage Map).

Lendsi Radio’s Classic Hits “V105.5” WVBG-FM Redwood/Vickburg, MS seeks a modification to 2.6kW at 154 meters (Coverage Map).

Calvary Chapel of Finger Lakes’ silent 91.1 WZXJ Bronson, FL applies to move to a new tower with 1kW at 99 meters (Coverage Map).

Intermountain Public Radio’s 91.9 KTYN Thyne, WY applies to increase from a Class A to a Class C3 with 370 watts at 708 meters (Coverage Map).

VLN Broadcasting’s CP for 101.1 in West Salem, IL applies to relocate to 93.7 with 3.5kW at 126 meters (Coverage Map).

Montrose Christian Broadcasting seeks to lower the antenna height of its CP for 107.5 KSYF Olathe, CO from 541 meters to 531 meters while remaining with 20kW (Coverage Map).

Translator Moves

Circuitwerkes’ 94.1 W231CT Orlando applies to relocate to a new location north of the city with 250 watts at 149 meters rebroadcasting “CBS Sports 810” WRSO Orlovista (Coverage Map).

Clyde Scott Jr.’s 103.5 W278BV Macon, GA seeks to move to 92.7 with 120 watts at 30 meters rebroadcasting Cox Media’s “Kiss 104.1” WALR-FM Palmetto/Atlanta (Coverage Map).

iHeartMedia’s 106.5 W293AH Normal AL proposes a modification to its CP to move to Huntsville to operate with 250 watts at 422 meters rebroadcasting 100.3 WQRV-HD2 Meridianville (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s 97.7 W249CT Williamsburg, VA seeks to drop to 13 watts at 116 meters rebroadcasting 90.7 WZLV Cape Charles (Coverage Map).

EMF’s 98.3 K252FE Columbia, MO proposes a modification to 140 watts at 100 meters rebroadcasting 92.1 KMFC Centralia (Coverage Map).

In Kansas, EMF’s 93.5 K228DW Hutchinson applies for a displacement move to 93.9 with 20 watts at 52 meters (Coverage Map). Bible Broadcasting’s 93.5 K228DY Newton seeks to shift to 104.1 with its current 250 watts at 67.9 meter facilities rebroadcasting 88.3 KYFW Wichita (Coverage Map). Both moves are due to Entercom’s 93.9 KDGS Andover/Wichita moving to 93.5.

Great Plains Christian Radio’s 100.9 K265DY Ness City, KS applies to move to 101.1 with 170 watts at 74 meters (Coverage Map) rebroadcasting 99.1 KJIL Copeland.

Eastern Airwaves’ 94.3 W232AV Lenoir, NC holds a CP to move to 93.7, but now seeks to shift to 104.5 with 250 watts at 290 meters rebroadcasting Bluegrass 1080 WKGX Lenoir (Coverage Map).

Radio Acquisition Corp’s. 105.7 W289BQ Morristown, TN applies to move to 250 watts at 181 meters while continuing to rebroadcast Classic Hits 1150 WCRK Morristown (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s 105.5 W288CM Connersville, IN applies for new 27 watts at 73 meters rebroadcasting 89.3 WKRT Richmond, IN (Coverage Map).

Scott Communication’s 99.9 W260CE Livington, AL seeks to shift to 100.1 with 250 watts at 15 meters rebroadcasting 104.9 WSLY York (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

97.7 WEQR Walnut Creek, NC -> WZKT
102.3 WDQX Morton, IL -> WNGY
103.1 KQLQ Columbia, LA -> KNNW
104.9 KLLT Spencer, IA -> KMRR
1500 WTNE Trenton, TN -> WPOT

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