Compass Media Launches WSJ Replacement Programming

Wall Street Journal This Morning Gordon Deal Your Money Now MarketwatchWith the Wall Street Journal shutting down radio operations at the end of 2014, distributor Compass Media Networks is launching their own replacement programming.

Gordon Deal, who hosted “Wall Street Journal This Morning” from 5-9am Eastern will segue to “This Morning with Gordon Deal” retaining many of the show’s previous affiliates.

60 second long “Your Money Now” reports updated at :20 and :50 after the hour from 6am to 7am Eastern will target stations losing WSJ and Marketwatch business reports. Former Wall Street Journal network morning anchor Jennifer Kushinka will report from 6am-12pm, Ray Hoffman from 12-3pm, and Bruce Vale 3-7pm.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    WBZ-1030 in Boston is using Bloomberg reports in place of Marketwatch, but interestingly, those reports are being done by former Marketwatch anchors.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      I actually noticed that on WTOP over the weekend. Ironically, WTOP had carried weekend Bloomberg features–along with ones from MarketWatch–until some months ago.

      I was expecting WTOP to do this. However, I wasn’t sure whether CBS would allow its owned stations (e.g., WBZ) to do so–as I had a hunch that CBS might view Bloomberg as too much of a competitor. I guess this proves that there really isn’t much of an alternative now for All News (or News-intensive) stations on, at least, the weekends.

  2. dtgm says

    WTOP is owned by CBS, just like WBZ.

    1. Lance Venta says

      WTOP is owned by Hubbard. CBS owns competitor All-News competitor 99.1 WNEW.

      1. dtgm says

        LOL….Brain Freeze. I wrote WTOP but when I read the post I was thinking WTIC. To quote Rick Perry “Oooops!”

  3. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    As it turns out, CBS and Bloomberg/USRN have announced a formal partnership that extends a bit beyond the All News stations. There’s no mention of WNEW–or, for that matter, the D.C. market–so I assume that WTOP was too important or lucrative to pass up.

    See, e.g.,

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