SportsRadio On The Move In Harrisburg

SportsRadio 96.5 1400 95.3 WHGB Harrisburg Cumulus Cumulus Sports “SportsRadio 1400/95.3” WHBG/W237DE Harrisburg is on the move to a stronger FM signal.

The format has moved to Hope Christian Church’s 96.5 W243BR Harrisburg as “SportsRadio 96.5” via 104.1 WNNK-HD2. W243BR operates with 200 watts at 222 meters from south of Harrisburg covering much more of the market than the 60 watt at 193 meter from northwest of town that 95.3 operates with.

The move comes with news that the station and sister 1440 WGLD York will drop play-by-play coverage of the Philadelphia Phillies in favor of the Washington Nationals. The Nationals (and predecessor Montreal Expos) have had their AA affiliate in Harrisburg since 1991. The Phillies in turn will affiliate with Hall’s “ESPN Radio 92.7” WLPA-FM Starview.

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