iHeart Launches 96.5 Country Des Moines

96.5 Country K243CA Des Moines KDRB-HD2 iHeart Bobby Bones NashiHeartMedia has launched Country “96.5 Country” K243CA Millman/KDRB-HD2 Des Moines.

The 102 watt translator (Coverage Map) gives an in-market competitor to Cumulus’ duo of “92.5 Nash Icon” KJJY and “97.3 Nash-FM” KHKI. Those stations placed fourth and fifth in the Fall Phase 2 Nielsen Audio trends with a combined 10.6 share.

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  1. Owen McCormick says

    With that puny signal, what do they expect to accomplish?

    1. Lance Venta says

      The point is to keep KJJY and KHKI below KKDM, KDBR, and WHO in the overall ratings and in-demographics for sales purposes. Even knocking half a share point from them accomplishes that goal. Plus it gives them yet another Top 100 market to clear Bobby Bones.

  2. Neil Griffin says

    I get the strategy, but the 100kw Audubon station is going to stomp on it in the western suburbs. Might do better on 96.7. .

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