WHGM Becomes Classic Hits 104.7 The Point

104.7 The Point 1330 WHGM Havre de Grace Aberdeen Classic HitsCRS Radio Holdings Standards 1330 WHGM Havre de Grace, MD has flipped to Classic Hits as “104.7 The Point“.

Utilizing the frequency of their FM translator, Hope Christian Church of Marlton’s 104.7 W284BE Havre de Grace, the new format features music from the 1960s through 1980s. WHGM is positioning itself as “Your Feel Good Music Station”.

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  1. Autodyne says

    I felt better when it was running America’s Best Music on a good-sounding stream. Another Classic Hits station. Because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to find one between Baltimore and Wilmington? Sigh..

    1. Charles Everett says

      Suburban station targeting Harford County. Doesn’t even rimshot Baltimore — and that city has no oldies station to speak of.

      1. elcartero says

        Hell, at 10 watts it barely rimshots Aberdeen next door, let alone the more populous sections of the county like Bel Air.

      2. Brammy says

        I bet the people at AM 1370 in Baltimore will beg to differ.

  2. oasisrulz says

    It seems they are using the 103.7 tower. Funny at one time 1330 and 103.7 were co-owned and wxcy used 1330’s middle tower, before Delmarva gobbled up 103.7 and moved the xmtr.

  3. Steve says

    There is an application in to bump up the power to 250 watts with a directional antenna, with most of the energy getting dumped over the Chesapeake bay. The application looks like a slightly sloppy cut and paste job mentioning WLIF as a 2nd adjacent station, which it is not for a 104.7 translator. The HAAT in the application does not change so the extra power doesn’t do much to push the signal farther.

    Hope Christian Church of Marlton’s translators seem to be maximizing all over. The end result will be lots of HD2/3/4’s on the analog FM dial, and lots of AM’s on the FM dial, with a higher noise floor all over the FM dial.

    What is sort of scary is W284BE did not use a Mattoon Waiver so if someone wants a translator more than 1330 W284BE could end up hell knows where.

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