Finding New Talent At The Drive-Thru Window

B103.9 WXKB Fort Myers Josh Lewis Wendy's Drive Thru ViralOver the past week Josh Lewis, an employee at an Estero, FL Wendy’s has gone viral thanks to his “unique voice”.

What other industry has a need to find “unique voices”? Beasley CHR “B103.9” WXKB Fort Myers used the holiday weekend to give Lewis an on-air audition. While it appeared to be a one-shot to play off his publicity, Lewis appeared to pass his test with flying colors.

With the talent pool and interest in radio from the next generation dwindling, why not look towards the service industry for potential on-air talent? They know how to talk to people on a one-to-one basis already. With proper coaching and a desire to improve there’s no reason why someone like Josh Lewis couldn’t be a future radio star.

Watch here to see the story of Josh Lewis at the Wendy’s drive-thru window.

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  1. Autodyne says

    …and they’re already surviving on less than minimum wage, so it’ll be a smooth transition to radio. Heck, with voicetracking, service industry professionals can keep both jobs if they want to sock away a little cash. At least there’s a steady future in fast food, McDonald’s current downturn notwithstanding. At least until the robots master friestracking.

  2. earlyriser says

    And pros with years of experience can’t get a callback. Cheap wins.

    1. WeNeverKnew says

      “And pros…can’t get a callback. Cheap wins.”

      It’s very likely, earlyriser, that early in your career, someone said the same about you. And forget the fact that most “pros” don’t get a callback in good part because they come with years of “that’s not how we used to do it” baggage. No. It’s much more fun for all we “pros” to simply piss on Josh Lewis’ parade.

  3. earlyriser says

    No slight to the young man meant. It’s just that experience means nothing in today’s radio.

    1. WeNeverKnew says

      Sorry, but honestly ask yourself, when did it ever? I can name a half dozen times in the 80s when I got the job over the person with experience. And I’m amazed at how many times today, I hear a young person bemoaning how they can’t get a break because radio keeps hiring all the same old, worn out voices.

  4. Dr. Akbar says

    hmmmm….talent from the Dollar Menu. I’ll remember that next time Nurse Jeff hits me up for a super-size pay raise!

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