CBS Continues Changes With New Market Managers In Six Cities

CBS Radio Scott Herman Philadelphia Riverside Las Vegas Orlando Miami Hartford RiversideCBS Radio is continuing its restructuring with new Market Manager appointments in six markets as new COO Scott Herman makes his mark on the company’s management structure.

Following the announced transfer of Marc Rayfield from Philadelphia to New York as Senior Vice President/Market Manager, KYW General Sales Manager David Yadgaroff has been promoted to SVP/MM in Philadelphia. Yadgaroff had previously served as VP/GM for some of CBS’ station in the market between 2003 and 2008.

Exiting CBS Radio are Senior Vice President/Market Managers in Hartford, Suzanne McDonald, Riverside’s Harvey Wells, Miami’s Joe Bell, Orlando’s Dave Robbins, and Las Vegas’ Jerry McKenna. McDonald will be retiring later this summer after 45 years with the company with Boston’s Mark Hannon adding additional oversight of Hartford. Steve Carver, who previously led CBS’ clusters in Tampa, West Palm Beach, Cleveland, and Las Vegas will return to the company to oversee Miami and Orlando.

CBS states that Harvey Wells is exiting his position as SVP/MM in Riverside to return closer to his family in Chicago. That will lead to Director of Sales Mike Valenzuela to add Market Manager duties in Riverside. With the exit of McKenna in Las Vegas, Tony Perlongo will also be promoted from VP/Director of Sales to Senior Vice President/Market Manager.

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    With Mark Hannon adding the Hartford CBS Radio stations to those in Boston (a two-hour, 100-mile drive up Interstates 84 and 90), this could be a sign that Hannon’s responsibilities in Hartford may be short-term and that CBS may be getting ready to put the Hartford cluster up for sale.

    1. Charles Everett says

      You’re overthinking things as usual. CBS is doing in Hartford what iHeart and Cumulus do elsewhere. Nothing more, nothing less.

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