SiriusXM Sets Broad Channel Update For August 13

SiriusXM Channel Change August 13 Radio Andy Comedy GreatsSiriusXM is making its next lineup update on August 13 that will see an eventual seven new brands launch on the service.

The new channels being added to both the Sirius and XM receiver platforms are:

  • Channel 13 Velvet – contemporary pop vocalists such as Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Diana Krall, Celine Dion, Susan Boyle, Harry Connick, Jr., Il Divo, Adele, and the cast of Glee.
  • Channel 18 Road Trip Radio – a new limited-run channel that will make you want to drive with your windows down! Road Trip Radio features a mix of music from The Rolling Stones to Pharrell Williams, Kenny Loggins to Florida Georgia Line, Janet Jackson to The Beach Boys, and many more
  • Channel 47 Fly – Hip-Hop and R&B from the ’90s and 2000s, from Mary J. Blige & Outkast to Aaliyah & Jay-Z
  • Channel 94 Comedy Greats – legends like Richard Pryor, Louis CK, and Chris Rock. SiriusXM Comedy Greats plays the best material from the biggest names, from classic comedians of the past to the icons of today
  • Channel 102 Radio Andy – Andy Cohen’s fun, uncensored entertainment and talk for anyone who loves pop culture, celebrities, lifestyle, relationships and the dish on all topics deep and shallow. You never know who will stop by Radio Andy and what will be said
  • Channel 115 Fox News Headlines 24/7 – Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, FOX News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM will deliver the day’s top stories at any time
  • Channel 171 CBC Radio Country – he best in new Canadian country mixed with the latest music from Country’s biggest stars
  • Five will launch on August 13, with Radio Andy and Fox News Headlines coming later this fall. Other changes being made include:

    Three XM and Online channels launching on the Sirius platform:

  • Channel 77 Kidz Bop
  • Channel 173 The Verge
  • Channel 174 Influence Franco
  • Three new channels debuting online and on newer SiriusXM receivers:

  • Channel 300 Poptropolis featuring 80s, ’90s, and millennium music all on one channel
  • Channel 314 SiriusXM Turbo featuring hard rock and nu-metal from the ’90s to the early 2000s
  • Channel 470 El Paisa, a new Latino variety channel features music, celebrities, news, sports, inspirational, home, and personal improvement content
  • Channels changing location are:
    31 The Coffee House to 14
    46 Backspin to 43
    47 The Heat to 46
    150 Caliente to 69
    83 ESPN Radio to 80
    84 ESPN Extra to 81
    85 Mad Dog Radio to 82
    93 (Sirius)/208 (XM) Bleacher Report Radio to 83
    91 College Sports Nation to 84
    94 SiriusXM FC to 85
    211 (Sirius)/218 (XM) NHL Network Radio to 91
    93 (XM) PGA Tour Radio to 92
    92 Sports Zone to 93 and renamed SiriusXM Rush
    81 Doctor Radio to 110
    115 CNN to 116
    116 HLN to 117
    117 MSNBC to 118
    118 BBC World Service to 120
    80 Rural Radio to 147
    82 RadioClassics to 148

    Channels being removed or being placed online only are:
    102 SiriusXM Indie
    120 C-SPAN (Moving To Online 405)
    148 Aguila (Moving To Online 305)
    156 Radio Formula Mexico
    161 (Sirius) Iceberg (Moving To Online 762)
    164 (Sirius) Attitude Franco (Moving To Online 763)
    171 CBC Music: Sonica

    Programs from SiriusXM Indie will move to other channels. Covino & Rich will be heard on SiriusXM Rush. Bennington and Unmasked will move to Raw Dog Comedy and Opie Radio. Coast to Coast AM moves to Road Dog Trucking.

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    1. airplane777 says

      Hopefully they update their infrastructure… My Sirius radio will not pickup a handful of stations and no matter how may times I call Customer service or receive re-hits, it will never update.

      1. kyl416 says

        Outside of you having an older radio that can’t get more than 128 channels because of memory limitations on the radio itself, chances are you just have a defective radio. As for “updating their infrastructure” they already did that with the new SiriusXM 2.0 platform that’s available with newer radios like the Onyx Plus. Since it uses newer codecs that give them better audio with less bandwidth, it’s not backwards compatible with older models, so until more people upgrade their radios, the bulk of the channels have to remain on the older platforms.

    2. Ben Ditzel says

      You forgot Escape channel 69… Beautiful Music is being removed from the satellite radio and moved to online only.
      Worst move in SiriusXM history.

    3. billw says

      Yes, no more Escape on the satellites. It makes as much sense as when they took Sirius Pops to online only too.

    4. airplane777 says

      If they are limited on bandwidth, why not remove the traffic channels?

    5. kyl416 says

      The traffic channels are there for instant traffic reports in major cities. Newer radios have a feature where you can set your city and at the touch of a button you instantly get the latest report for the city you selected. They also encode them at a very low bitrate to take up smaller space.

    6. John Unrath says

      I am apparently way out of the demographic. Every time Siruis/XM removes a channel, it is one that I like.

      Mighty Karnac predicts … 40’s will go next. Followed by combining 50’s and 60’s into one oldies channel, followed by combining with classic Vinyl. Met Opera channel would go if it wasn’t heavily subsidized. And if they could find some way of eliminating the one remaining classical channel …

      BTW, I might believe that if you add the bit rates of all the traffic channels, it would not equal the bit rate of one music channel.

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