FCC Deletes KXOL Salt Lake City

1660 KXOL Brigham City Salt Lake La Raza Media 107.1 KEGH Salt Lake City 1550 KMRI 1660 KXOLThe FCC has deleted the license for Inca Communications Regional Mexican 1660 KXOL Brigham City/Salt Lake City on the grounds that it was silent for more than twelve months.

KXOL filed an STA to go silent on November 21, 2013 claiming first signal interference and then the failing health of owner/GM Nicolas Vicente and did not return to the air within one year. After a March letter by the FCC seeking proof that the station had indeed begun broadcasting before the license would automatically be cancelled, Inca sent a Petition For Reconsideration stating that the station began broadcasting again on March 26, 2015 and restoring the license would “promote equity and fairness”. The agency has decreed that to be dismissed and has deleted the license of KXOL. The ruling can be read here.

Since returning KXOL to broadcast operation in May, Nicolas Vicente has begun operating via Time Brokerage Agreement and agreeing to purchase both 1550 KMRI West Valley City, UT and 107.1 KEGH Woodruff, UT under the name AASAA Media. While neither sale has been approved by the FCC yet, all three stations were simulcasting as Regional Mexican “La Raza“.

  1. Destructor says

    Looks like the FCC has started cracking down…

  2. Dr. Akbar says

    One down, thousands to go. The Ancient Modulation band has been a disaster since the FCC decided to open the band to just about anyone who wanted a license.

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