WVLK Lexington Returns To FM

590 101.1 WVLK LexingtonJust shy of the one year anniversary of Cumulus flipping 101.5 WVLK-FM Richmond/Lexington, KY from a simulcast of 590 WVLK Lexington to Country “101.5 Nash Icon“, the News/Talker has returned to the FM band.

101.1 W266AN Lawrenceburg operates with 250 watts at 243 meters (Coverage Map).

Cumulus Media announces that it will bring News/Talk 590 WVLK to Lexington’s FM dial today with the addition of a new FM translator. At 10:00 a.m. CST, Cumulus Lexington launched the FM simulcast of its existing News/Talk station WVLK-AM on the 101.1 frequency.

Jim Mahanay, Corporate Program Director for Cumulus said: “We are extremely pleased to announce that our audience in Lexington can now enjoy WVLK’s exceptional News/Talk programming—including Larry Kudlow, John Batchelor, Mark Levin and The Savage Nation—on the all-new simulcast at 101.1 on the FM dial. Cumulus now has Lexington’s best News/Talk covered on both AM and FM, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

For more information on Lexington’s best News/Talk radio, visit: www.wvlkam.com.

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  1. WeNeverKnew says

    Wasn’t the former 101.5 WVLK just a partial simulcast?

    1. Lance Venta says

      22 hours daily it simulcasted.

      1. kr4bd says

        This allocation is sure to bring lots of comments as WVLK on 101.1 is now wiping out WSGS from Hazard, KY who has been on 101.1 for decades and has the largest footprint of any FM station in KY. I was in Winchester, KY this morning where WVLK and WSGS were fighting it out for the frequency on my car radio. I am sure the folks in the Richmond, KY will experience similar reception. Just two miles east of where the WVLK translator is located, and clearly within site of the CH27 tower, BOTH stations were trying to “capture” 101.1. I live in SW Lexington and always had a preset for WSGS. Even where I am, WSGS try’s to overtake WVLK….but is obviously overpowered by the new occupant on 101.1.

        By the way, unless something just changed, WVLK moved the COL from Lawrenceburg to Lexington when they moved the translator.

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