If A Station Rebrands And Doesn’t Make A Sound…

Wild Country 97.1 The Bull KYWD Tucson iHeartMediaWe take pride at RadioInsight.com in being on top of everything going on in the radio industry. Sometimes a change falls through the cracks that baffles us on how nobody picked up on it. But the problem gets much worse when the station’s operator does nothing to get the word out about its new identity.

Back in December, iHeartMedia gave Country 97.1 KYWD Green Valley/Tucson AZ a fresh coat of paint as its “Wild Country” name gave way to “The Bull“. Yet the company has done nothing to notify anybody of the change. The company’s local advertising page still proudly promotes KYWD as “Wild Country“. Neither of the two local media columnists nor any national site was given a release to give the station some attention.

This is a station that garnered a mere 1.0 share in the just released Fall 2015 Nielsen Audio ratings. Why wouldn’t there be any attempt to promote its attempt to refresh its identity? If you keep your station invisible, why would listeners or advertisers bother to care about it?

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  1. davidg says

    Lance, allow me to get up on my marketing soapbox for a minute. Classic example of introducing (or refreshing)
    a format and then telling nobody about it — and expecting anything positive to come from it —

    When did marketing and promoting your valued radio brand become a dirty verboten word? Investing
    in your franchise will only yield good things –

    David Gariano
    Taurus Productions/Chicago

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