Is A Dove Flying Into Albquerque?

93.3 The Dove KOB KKOB Albququerque KOBFM

Last week we noticed an anonymous registration for that we added to our watch list until we could figure out if and where it was headed. We may now have our answer.

A website went live promoting “93.3 The Dove” as Albuquerque’s home for Beautiful Music. 93.3 is currently CHR KKOB-FM.

Color us skeptical on this one for a few reasons. First, KKOB-FM is highly rated, currently ranked fourth overall in the Albuquerque market. The station that would get hurt the most is Citadel sister AC “Magic 99.5” KMGA. The site is also not on Citadel’s normal server, instead hosted on Intuit’s cheap hosting site.

The new website is promoting artists such as Barbara Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Chuck Mangione, and Liberace as core artists.

Market research had revealed an over saturation of “Top 40” or “Pop” music directly in Albuquerque.

So after several months of research and development, the difficult decision was made to eliminate the top 40 format from the 93.3 frequency and replace it with all the beautiful music you love. And so was born “The New 93.3 The Dove”.

We’ll keep an eye on this one over the coming days although we’re not completely sold.

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Lance Venta is the Owner and Publisher of and a consultant for RadioBB Networks specializing in integration of radio and the internet. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms.


  1. I don’t think that website, 93.3, The Dove, is real. I’ve checked it myself, and it seems to me that they’re just fooling us and that KKOB-FM will stay CHR.

    While some people may want beautiful music back, I just don’t see it happening on 93.3 in Albuquerque, NM!

  2. It would be great to have beautiful music back but not on 93.3!

  3. It’s an April Fools joke. They’ll do it then, but KKOB will be back.

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