KSCA Los Angeles Rebrands

LA 101.9 La101.9 Nueva KSCA Los Angeles Univision Que Buena Raza 105.5 94.3 97.9 KLAX KBUE Eddie Piolin

Update 9/15: KSCA has rebranded as “LA 101.9“. The format remains Regional Mexican, albeit with a broader playlist and less currents. Outside of Eddie Piolin in mornings the station is currently jockless.

Original Report 9/13: Univison Regional Mexican “La Nueva 101.9” KSCA Los Angeles is teasing something to happen on Friday, September 15.

Teaser videos, such as this one, are airing on Univision sister KMEX-TV as well as being featured on KSCA’s website and social media accounts.

Is it an outright format change or just a tweak? We’re not quite sure yet, although LA1019.com was registered by Univision in August and already is redirecting to KSCA’s website. A blank twitter account is also alive for @LA1019. We should also point out that Univision registered a number of domains last October for a potential rebranding at KSCA that were never put to use. These include: 1019ElRey.com, 1019ElSancho.com, and 1019LaJefa.com.

KSCA has been branded as “La Nueva” for 14 years, since being acquired by Univision and flipping from AAA in 1997.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Spanish-language talk radio, perhaps???

    After all, English-language talk (or news/talk) formats have begun to migrate to FM.

  2. Luis Aquino says

    I think 101.9 FM should will filp into Spanish Top 40 you mean today’s music like Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Juanes, Shakira and other Spanish Pop singers maybe Spanish Regional Mexican could switch to 107.5 FM with the name 107.5 FM La Jefa that could be a good choice and Recuerdo 103.9 FM and 98.3 FM could be renewed and they should bring back the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music because I’m tired of listening of K-Love 107.5 FM that station is boring and I will never listen to that station again but I hope La Revolucion 101.9 FM will change the format and convert into Spanish Top 40 and K-Love 107.5 FM will flip into Spanish Regional Mexican with the new name 107.5 FM La Jefa I hope the Spanish Oldies Recuerdo 103.9 FM and 98.3 FM will be renewed and new radio hosts and I hope it’s a good change for the Los Angeles Radio and I hope it goes well.

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