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1060 KUKQ Phoenix Arizona Alternative X103.9 103.9 106.3 The Edge KEDJ KEXX

Update 3/14: The KUKQ brand relaunched today as a webcaster at KUKQPhoenix.com. The Phoenix New Times reports that the station will integrate programming from former X103.9 afternoon host Craven Moorhead’s SkaPunkRadio.com. Another former X103.9 personality, Hammer will join KUKQ for afternoons.

The Press Release follows:

On March 14, 2012 KUKQ.com returns to fill the void of alternative radio in the Phoenix Market. But the re-birth of KUKQ is alternative way beyond the music. The station goes “on the air with a state of the art mobile app ,and interactive website that will make listening to the station far easier than terrestrial radio option and their unreliable reception. If you have a smart phone you have KUKQ Radio anywhere you go!

The programming team behind KUKQ is passionate about curating a station that truly caters to the alternative music lover – making the word alternative actually mean something – a mindset is far removed from most commercial radio stations. By building a sense of discovery and combining it with strong support of our local community KUKQ will be both exciting for a music fan and enjoyable to the casual listener. Because the station is live and local it will offer listeners an experience filled with originality that Pandora, Spotify and “ iHeartRadio” cannot provide.

KUKQ will rely heavily participation of artists and listeners. Programming will go way beyond music – since musicians both local and worldwide will be able to use smart phone technology to send content, intro songs, talk to us live from the concert stage providing a live, instantaneous experience. They can intro their own music, supply video content for tours, new music, top picks and any other newsworthy music and entertainment related content of interest to our listeners.

KUKQ will rely on web, social media, apps, street marketing, listener input, interaction and texting campaigns to reach the alternative audience that has been left to less alternative radio choices outside of the Phoenix market. KUKQ will be the home of the Legendary “Ska Punk” show hosted by Craven Morehead (formerly of 1039FM) and many other specialty programs unique to the station in the Phoenix market.

Original Report 1/26: On the heels of “X103.9” KEXX Phoenix flipping to Variety HitsMy 103.9“, Sandusky Radio may be looking to the past to return Alternative Rock to The Valley of the Sun.

Sandusky has registered a number of domains over the past few weeks: 1060KUKQ.com, KUKQ1060.com, KUKQAM1060.com, AltRadioKUKQ.com, ArizonasAlternative.com, KUKQLive.com, KUKQPhoenix.com, KUKQPHX.com, and KUKQRadio.com among them.

1060 KUKQ was the first Alternative Rocker in Phoenix from 1989 unti 1993, when “106.3 The Edge” KEDJ debuted. KEDJ would move to 103.9 in 2001, eventually rebranding as “X103.9” before its demise earlier this month.

1060 has been Sports “1060 The Fan” KDUS since 1997. As one of three Sports station in the market, KDUS registered a 0.2 share in the most recent monthly.

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  1. Jeremy says

    CC is playing around with Smooth Jazz on 1230 KOY nights and weekends. I wouldn’t be surprised if other AM stations will try doing the same with formats that have disappeared.

  2. Joseph says

    Could it even work on the AM dial, considering so few young people listen to AM these days??

    Granted, acording to Radio-Locator.com, 1060 in the Phoenix area has a good daytime signal thast covers the market (at night, suburbs well to the south of the city might not get it that well).

  3. jade says

    I would go to AM if it would mean I could have radio back that I enjoy!!

  4. Tony says

    The press release leaves out some items. There isn’t a void in Phoenix for an alternative radio. KWSS 106.7 FM is alternative station in Phoenix, carries the current Jonathan L Lopsided world of L program and has been around for 7 years. The funniest part is KUKQ is an audio stream for the internet, not a radio station. When did internet streams although some very good become radio stations. Little detail.

  5. wherever says

    It’s awesome that KUKQ has returned to the airwaves even if it’s the internet. I listened to it back in the day and used to go to the legendary Q-Fests. Just one quibble, 1060 KUKQ was not the first alternative radio in the Phoenix area. Key 100.3 predated it by one year, it was around from 1988 until 1990.

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