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KMLE Camel Country 108 107.9 Phoenix Tim Willy Sports The Fan ScoreFollowing yesterday’s dismissal of morning hosts Tim & Willy at CBS Country 107.9 KMLE Phoenix there have been reports that domain registrations were made for a potential flip to Sports.

Originating from this messageboard post, claims have been made that CBS has registered for the station. Problem is that domain is still available for registration by any interested party as are any domains with any combination of 1079, Fan, and Phoenix. On top of that, the Fan moniker is currently in use in the market at Sandusky’s 1060 KDUS.

A Sports related domain registration was made yesterday but all signs point to it being the work of someone with no real connection to CBS. The registration of was made by “nyny broadcasting” with a mailing address going to a P.O. Box in Carefree, AZ. The administrative contact on the domain is listed as Scott Herman with a contact address of “”. Scott Herman, is the New York based Executive Vice President of Operations for CBS Radio. Why would he have a GMail account setup exclusively for KMLE? This looks so much like sour grapes who doesn’t like the fact that perhaps the decision to oust the market stalwarts came from corporate in New York with no connection to reality.

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