Glenn Beck To Blaze Into Local Markets

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Update 10/24: With WWIQ set to sign-off and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity headed to CBS’ 1210 wPHT, Glenn Beck’s Blaze will launch a local Philadelphia stream on Monday, November 4. will add local news, traffic, and weather reports to the national talk stream. News and weather will air twice and hour and traffic reports four times an hour. The specially programmed Philadelphia stream will also be heard on IHeartRadio.

With WWIQ losing Limbaugh and Hannity on Monday, October 28, the station will preview The Blaze network content until the sale of the station to EMF closes around November 1. Blaze morning host Doc Thompson will do a special show for the week from 5-6pm from O’Neals Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

Original Report 8/26: Already being shutout of the Boston and New York radio markets, and about to lose his Philadelphia affliate, Glenn Beck appears ready to take action to create local market portals for those markets and two others.

Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts registered,,,,, and earlier this month. Beck has been one of the most aggressive radio personalities in developing an internet platform for himself and others as he’s taken his from a news/commentary site into radio streaming, traditional publishing, video, and most recently converting it into a full cable television network.

The five markets represent his current home base of Dallas where two hours of his show airs on delay on Clear Channel’s 1190 KFXR, one of his strongest syndication markets of Toledo, and the three aforementioned east coast markets. Expansion to local portals should enable Beck to attempt to drive more potential eyes & ears to his various content initiatives.

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