Multiple Changes In Columbus, GA

Hip Hop 106.5 Columbus News 1420 WRCG 99.7 The Ride PMBUpdate 1/2: Just a week after launching as “Hip Hop 99.7“, PMB Broadcasting moved the new format to 106.5 W293BV Cuthbert. “Hip Hop 106.5” replaces a simulcast of News/Talk 1420 WRCG.

WRCG is now paired with the new 99.7 translator, but has dropped News/Talk in favor of Classic Rock as “The Ride

Update 12/25:Hip Hop 99.7” launched earlier today.

Original Report 12/24: PMB Broadcasting is preparing to launch a new Urban in Columbus, GA.

89.1 W206CC Cuthbert, which was purchased by PMB Assistant GM Joseph Case Brannan earlier this year, has completed its move to 99.7 with 250 watts at 151.6 meters with programming originating at 99.3 WKCN-HD4. The translator is currently running Christmas music interspersed with holiday greetings from company Operations Manager and Country “Kissin 99.3” WKCN afternoon host Dave Arwood.

The station is streaming at, which clearly indicates the new format coming to the frequency. It would become the third Urban in the market joining Clear Channel’s “98.3 The Beat” WBFA and Davis Broadcasting’s “Foxie 105” WFXE. The two stations combined for a 20.7 share in the Spring 2013 ratings.

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  1. kyl416 says

    The stream is identifying itself as WKCN-HD4.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Thank you. I was going off of the application for the translator that mentioned the HD3 as the originating station for the translator. Fixing now.

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