Radiotopia Announces Podquest Finalists

Radiotopia PRX PodquestPRX’s Radiotopia has revealed the four finalists for its Podquest competition for new podcast ideas.

The original intent was to choose just three shows with each receiving $10,000 and support to produce three pilot episodes and one show joining the network by the end of the year. Now Radiotopia says multiple shows may gain entry based on their pilots.

The four finalists are:

Ear Hustle brings you the hidden stories of life inside prison, told and produced from the perspective of those who live it. (Nigel Poor, Antwan Williams, Earlonne Woods)

Meat, a podcast from Europe about our bodies and the lives we live because of them (Jonathan Zenti)

The Difference Between dives into the world of “information doppelgängers”—the stuff you always confuse for that other thing—to find out what makes them truly unique. (Jericho Saria and Hadrian Santos)

Villain-ish, a show about gaining new perspectives on dubious figures we’ve been taught to revile, and exploring the hidden details we may have never considered. (Vivian Le)

The four shows will be introduced next week on stage at the Podcast Movement convention.

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