Dick Enberg Joins Podcast One With Sound of Success

Dick Enberg Sound of Success Podcast OnePodcast One Sports has announced the launch of Sound of Success hosted by legendary sportscaster Dick Enberg.

The first episode will debut on Thursday, October 4 featuring guest Billie Jean King. Future guests include Vin Scully and Bill Walton.

Iconic Hall of Fame Broadcaster and Emmy Award Winner Dick Enberg signs on to the recently-announced PodcastOne Sports Network with his new show, Sound of Success. With his exposure, relationships and success in sports and academia, which transcends athletic categories and decades, he invites guests to share life lessons, humorous anecdotes, historic moments, and the personal ingredients that power our heroes to greatness. The podcast debuts tomorrow with guest Billie Jean King, and is available weekly at PodcastOne.com, the PodcastOne app and Apple Podcasts. Upcoming episodes will feature the legendary voice of Los Angeles broadcaster Vin Scully, as well as NBA Champion Bill Walton, announced PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz.

“What a fantastic opportunity to be on the front edge of today’s communication – a podcast,” said Enberg. “To continue to rub shoulders with sports’ greatest, and share their personal stories of stunning success, has my adrenal glands pumping. I’m incredibly excited to have a chance to renew the echoes of my 60-year career.”

During the interview with King, whose movie Battle of the Sexes is currently in theaters, the pair discussed her history in tennis, thoughts on equality, praise for LeBron James, living through today’s roster of players, why she’s now worried about equal status for men and more. Enberg also reveals the original plans he had for his career, which didn’t involve broadcasting.

King said of the podcast, “I just hope everyone listening understands what an icon you are, and how much you’ve given to us with your voice, with your intelligence, with your observations, and all the things you’ve done for us…And it’s a real privilege to be on your first podcast ever. I am so excited. That’ll be one of my big claims to fame.”

Below are excerpts from the interview:

On Living Her Dreams Through Current Players
King: “The original nine women who signed a $1 contract…that is the birth of women’s professional tennis the way you know it today. So, if you go see the movie, Battle of the Sexes, and you see us holding up the money, it’s really important to know that is the moment of truth. That’s the birth of women’s professional tennis, and now, when Sloane Stephens just got $3.7 million winning the U.S. Open, that’s because of that day. So we are thrilled because the players are living our dreams. Our dream for the future generations was they’d have a place to compete…and number two, we would be appreciated for our accomplishments, and not just our looks, and also, number three, to be able to make a living.”

On LeBron James, Unity and Equality
King: “Sports is an amazing platform to try to help forward good things…A person of color, LeBron James – he’s another unbelievable, all-time great – and he’s very opinionated, and you know, in the old days, a lot of the athletes wouldn’t talk because they didn’t want to lose money or endorsements. He doesn’t care, which I like…you don’t have to agree with him, but we have the most unbelievable platform through sports to help change things…

I just want us to get along. We don’t have to agree. I don’t care what party you’re from. I don’t care about all that. I care about, just, daily respect, acts of kindness, generosity…”

On Her Concern About Equality for Men
King: “Before 1972, there were classroom quotas…For instance, if I wanted to be a doctor and go to Harvard, they only allowed 5% of the class to be women. Ok? This was before Title IX. Now, after Title IX…more than half of University and college students are women. Now, I’m worried about the men because it should reflect America, and it doesn’t. We have to make sure that men continue to go to college and get degrees.”

On Dick’s Original Career Plan
Enberg: “I got a $100 academic scholarship – $100 they’re going to pay me to go to college? Oh my.”

King: “What did you major in?”

Enberg: “Physical Education, and I wanted to be a coach. I had no design on being a broadcaster…I was a junior in college; I applied for a custodial job at a little radio station. They paid a buck an hour. And what happened was, the General Manager did hear my voice, he threw me in a studio, and turned on a tape machine and gave me a five minute news summary, and said, ‘Read.’ I said, ‘Don’t I get a chance to look it over first?’ He said, ‘No. Read. Let’s see what you can do.’ I read. Three weeks later I got a phone call, ‘Come on in, you got the job.’ I said, ‘Where’s the broom closet? You know, I’m ready to sweep and mop.’ He said, ‘No. You’re our new disc jockey.’ I didn’t even know how to turn on the turn tables.”

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