100.5 Vancouver

Vancouver Frequency Swap Set

Jim Pattison Radio Group AAA “100.5 The Peak” CKPK and Vancouver Cooperative Radio’s 102.7 CFRO-FM will swap frequencies on Monday, September 10 at 1:00pm. The move, approved by the CRTC last September, allows CKPK to increase power and height to give it a much stronger signal in the market. CKPK will go from operating with 11kW at 570.7 meters on 100.5 to 100kW at 590.4 meters on 102.7. CFRO-FM will take over the existing 100.5 facilities with the switch, increasing from 5.5kW at 306 meters with its current facilities on 102.7 To make the move a reality Pattison agreed to pay $1.437 Million CDN over five years to CFRO-FM. The money will go towards rent of the transmitter site, transmitter maintenance, the CRTC application, promotional materials related to the move, and o...[Read More]