101.1 Dayton

Dayton’s Eagle Adds Additional Signal

Cox Media Classic Rock “95.3 The Eagle” WZLR Xenia, OH/Dayton has added a second signal. 101.1 W266BG Dayton has completed its upgrade from 20 to 99 watts and will give WZLR better coverage in Dayton proper. WZLR had simulcast on what is now 95.7 WHIO-FM from 1993 to 2006 to cover the whole market. WZLR’s 1980’s centric Classic Rock format registered a 2.0 share of the Dayton market in the Spring 2013 Arbitron ratings.

FCC Applications 7/26

A number of the FCC Auction 94 winning applicants have filed to make changes as they apply for their construction permits. Connoissuer Media has applied to move its new 95.9 in Erie, PA east across the New York State line to Mina where it will operate with 1.55kW at 200 meters. Point Broadcasting looks to move its 98.9 Mojave, CA to Mettler, where it will operate with 6kw at -89 meters. Resonance Media’s 96.9 in Grand Portage, MN will downgrade from a C0 to a C1 operating with 100kW at 273 meters. Meanwhile Multi-Cultural Diversity Radio has applied to move one of its two new CP’s in Grand Portage from 102.7 to 98.1 to prevent interference with CILU Thunder Bay, ON. Eternity Records Company seeks to upgrade its 94.3 in Harrisonburg, LA from a Class A to C3. It would operate wit...[Read More]