101.3 Waco

New Country Highway Built In Waco

Following the move of Variety Hits “101.3 Bob-FM” to 104.9 KBHT, M&M Broadcasters has launched Country “101.3 The Highway” on K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2. The new current skewing format creates a flanker for Texas Country “92.9 Shooter-FM” KRMX Marlin up against iHeartMedia’s market leading “Waco 100” 99.9 WACO-FM. This give WACO-FM a direct format competitor for the first time since Prophecy Media Group flipped 106.7 KIXT from Country to Classic Rock “106.7 The Eagle” in April.

KBHT Makes Its Annual Format Change

For the fourth year in a row, M&M Broadcasters has debuted a new format on 104.9 KBHT Bellmead/Waco TX. This year’s change has seen KBHT drop its AC “Mix 104.9” identity for Variety Hits as “104.9 Bob-FM“. The Bob-FM brand had been on 101.3 K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2 since August 2016 and before that was on 104.5 K283CD Waco/KBHT-HD3. Mix morning hosts Dustin & Beth will remain on KBHT. 101.3 K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2 is currently also running the Bob-FM programming but claims it will debut a new format later this week. For those keeping track at home here’s a timeline of recent changes at KBHT: January 2014 – Flipped to Rhythmic CHR “Hot 104.9“ August 2015 – Flipped to satellite fed Urban AC retaining “Hot 104.9” bra...[Read More]

M&M Moves Three Waco Stations

M&M Broadcasters moved three of its Waco TX properties to new frequencies on Saturday, August 20. AC “Mix 101.3” moved from 101.3 K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2 to 104.9 KBHT Bellmead placing the format on the stronger Class A signal. Urban AC “Magic 104.9” moved from KBHT to 104.5 K283CD/KBHT-HD3. The Magic format had launched on 104.9 in October 2015. The third move sends Variety Hits “104.5 Bob-FM” to 101.3 K267AI/KBHT-HD2. The Bob format debuted on 104.5 this past May, but was previously heard on 101.3 in a previous incarnation from February 2012 until March 2013.

Shooter Expands Into Killeen

In a move that went unnoticed during the holiday season, M&M Broadcasters has flipped Regional Mexican “La Caliente 106.9” KOOV Kempner/Killeen, TX to a simulcast of Texas Country “92.9 Shooter-FM” KRMX Marlin/Waco. The addition of KOOV gives Shooter coverage in the western half of the Killeen/Temple market, with 92.9 serving the Temple side of the market. The station is also heard on 107.7 KTAE Hico northwest of Waco. The Regional Mexican format debuted on KOOV at the end of February 2013. It continues to be heard on 1590 KLRK Mexia/101.1 K267AI Moody in the Waco market.

Waco’s Bob Becomes Caliente

Update 3/4: In addition to 1590 KLRK and 101.3 K267AI, the “La Caliente” format is also now airing on 106.9 KOOV (was KHLE) Kempner/Killeen. 106.9 had been simulcasting Urban “104.9 The Beat” KWBT Bellmead/Waco. Original Report 2/28: Just shy of its first birthday, “101.3 Bob-FM” 1590 KLRK/101.3 K267AI Waco is no more. The M&M Broadcasters station has flipped today to Regional Mexican “La Caliente“. The move places the station in direct competition with Prophecy Media’s “La Ley 104.1” KWOW. That station ranked in a third place tie with M&M’s Rhythmic CHR “104.9 The Beat” KWBT. KLRK debuted its previous “Bob-FM” identity on February 29, 2012 as part of a cluster shuffle that saw sister ...[Read More]

Bob & Shooter Hit Waco

Update 3/9: KRMX made the move to Country “92.9 Shooter-FM” on Thursday afternoon. Chris Austin moves from 98.3 KORA Bryan/College Station to program and host middays. Terry Hunt will host mornings on Shooter. Original Report 2/29: M&M Broadcasters has launched Variety Hits “101.3 Bob-FM” on 1590 KLRK Mexia, TX and translator 101.3 K267AI Moody/Waco. 1590 KLRK had been Classic Country before going dark due to losing its lease for its transmitter site. It has a CP to operate with 2500 watts daytime and 65 watts at night, but has also has been granted an STA to operate with 625 watts daytime. 101.3 had been rebroadcasting “1660 ESPN” KRZI. Bob fills the hole created when “106.7 Doc-FM” KDRP flipped to Country “Kix 106.7” a few ...[Read More]