102.5 Macon

Clear Channel’s Macon Moves

Update 3/22: 102.5 WZCH has dropped its simulcast of 96.5 WPCH and is currently stunting with a wheel of formats until Friday, March 25 at 4:00pm when it will debut its new format. While NewCountry1025.com is currently not active, we can confirm that will be the new format and name for the station as their new site is active at the this address. Original Report 2/16: Clear Channel is planning on reentering the Country music market in Macon and Warner-Robbins, GA. The domain NewCountry1025.com was registered yesterday and while it now is redirecting to 102.5 KNIX Phoenix’s site, it had its Weather page showing Macon. 102.5 WZCH Warner-Robbins has been simulcasting Classic Hits “Peach 96.5” WPCH since September 2008. Prior to March 2008, when the stations swapped formats, 1...[Read More]

Macon Moves

Update 3/21/08: It took a little longer than we thought, but the Macon flip occurred earlier this week. “The Peach” AC format is now on the to be spun-off 102.5 frequency, while Country “The Bull” has relocated to 96.5. Original Post 2/6/08: As we noted last week in our report about a pending frequency swap in Bakersfield, if Clear Channel is going to go through with its privatization plan there are going to be frequency swaps in order to keep the formats it wants in the markets it must spin-off some stations. Next up seems to be Macon, GA where Clear Channel looks to be swapping Country WEBL “102.5 The Bull” to 96.5 and Classic Hits “Peach 96.5” WPCH to the 102.5 frequency it will be disposing of. Towards that goal, peach1025.com and 965theb...[Read More]