102.5 Roanoke

WVMP Rebrands As The Mountain

In addition to adding its simulcast on 102.5 WBZS Shawsville in December, Community Media Group AAA “101.5 The Valley’s Music Place” WVMP Vinton/Roanoke VA has rebranded as “101.5/102.5 The Mountain“. Original Report 12/14/16: After its failed sale to WVTJ Inc., Community Media Group AAA “101.5 The Valley’s Music Place” WVMP Vinton/Roanoke VA has added a second signal. The AAA format has replaced Three Daughters Media’s Talk programming on 102.5 WBZS Shawsville expanding the station’s programming to the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area southwest of Roanoke including Virginia Tech University. The change took place at some point in November.

Art Bell Adds KXL Portland & More Affiliates

Art Bell’s return to radio has begun picking up some larger affiliates as Alpha Media’s 101.1 KXL-FM Portland announces it will pickup the show when it debuts next Monday. Other new additions to Bell’s affiliate list are Great Plains Media’s “Cities 92.9” WRPW Bloomington, IL and Bell Media’s (No Relation) 1010 CFRB Toronto. Alpha Media Portland announced today, Art Bell will return to the airwaves on Monday July 20, 2015 on major market, FM NEWS 101 KXL with the debut of his new show, “Midnight in the Desert”. The show will run weeknights 10:00pm-1:00am. Art Bell founded and hosted the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM for over 20 years. He also created and formerly hosted its companion show, ‘Dreamland’. Semi-retired from Coast to...[Read More]

Lynchburg Talker Expands To Trimulcast

3 Daughters Media, which launched flipped 100.9 WIQO-FM Forest/Lynchburg, VA to Talk in October has expanded the station’s programming to two additional stations. 3 Daughters has begun an LMA with an option to buy new sign-on 102.5 WBZS Shawsville with Flinn Broadcasting. WBZS, which operates with 150 watts at 591 meters, rimshots both Roanoke and Blacksburg. WIQO’s programming is also now heard on 3 Daughters’ 106.3 WMNA-FM Gretna/Danville. The three stations are being branded as “Virginia Talk Radio Network”. The stations feature a local morning show hosted by Brian Weigand and Mari White and an afternoon sports show hosted by Rich Roth and Ed Lane. The rest of the lineup is made up of syndicated talkers Herman Cain, Clark Howard, John Batchelor, Lars Larson...[Read More]