105.1 Des Moines

Clear Channel Flips Two In Des Moines

The end of the Christmas holiday has led to the relocating of two formats with new names in greater Des Moines. The Alternative format that had been on “New Rock 105.1” KCCQ Ames has relocated to 106.3 KPTL Ankeny as “Alt 106.3“. Meanwhile the Hot AC format “Capital 106.3” that had been heard on KPTL prior to its shift to Christmas music has relaunched on KCCQ as “Now 105.1“. The shift moves the Alternative format to the station with the better signal in Des Moines proper. 106.3 operates with 25kW at 100 meters just north of Des Moines proper, while 105.1 operates with the same power and height but from just outside Ames, while rimshotting Des Moines. Listen to KCCQ become Now 105.1 and KPTL become Alt 106.3 at FormatChange.com. In the Nielse...[Read More]