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CRTC Grants New Stations In Toronto

The CRTC has approved applicants for two new stations in the Toronto area. Rock 95 Broadcasting has beaten out twenty one other bidders for the 88.1 allocation that was once held by Ryerson University’s CKLN. Their new station currently billed as “Indie 88.1” will feature an English language music format focusing on independent and emerging Canadian artists. The new 88.1 will operate with 532 watts at 328.4 meters as has until 9/11/2014 to begin broadcasting. 40% of the music programming will be Canadian Content, and 60% of the CanCon will be emerging artists. In the Toronto suburb of Markham, Bhupinder Bola has received approval for a new station featuring English language programming directed at the area’s local South Asian and Chinese communities. The new “...[Read More]