106.1 Tallahassee

Adams Radio Expands To Tallahassee

Adams Radio will pay $6,197,000 for Red Hills Broadcasting’s four Tallahassee stations. Hank Kestenbaum, President of Red Hills, will join Adams as General Manager of the cluster, a role he held prior to purchasing the stations from Opus Broadcasting in 2014. Original Report 7/10: Adams Radio has announced the acquisition of Red Hills Broadcasting’s four stations in Tallahassee FL. The stations involved in the deal are Variety Hits “99.9 Hank-FM” WANK Lafayette, Country “103.1 The Wolf” WWOF Tallahassee, CHR “Hot 104.9” WHTF Havana, and AAA/Classic Rock “106.1 The Sound” WQTL Tallahassee. No terms have been announced. Red Hills Broadcasting has agreed to sell its radio cluster in Tallahassee, Florida to Adams Radio of Tallahassee,...[Read More]

WQTL Has A New Sound

Red Hills Broadcasting has rebranded its Gold AAA “106.1 The Path” WQTL Tallahassee, FL as “106.1 The Sound“. No major changes accompany the rebranding, which is quoted as “Same great tunes. Same low key music respectful presentation. Tim Donovan and Jim Rising and everything you love on The Path is now on The Sound.”

Opus Sells Tallahassee Cluster

Opus Broadcasting has agreed to sell their four station in Tallahassee, FL to the newly formed Red Hills Broadcasting for $4 Million. Hank Kestenbaum, the head of Red Hills, currently is the President/General Manager of the Opus stations involved in the sale. The stations being acquired are Variety Hits “99.9 Hank-FM” WANK Lafayette, Country “103.1 The Wolf” WWOF Tallahassee, CHR “Hot 104.9” WHTF Havana, and Classic Rock “106.1 The Path” WQTL Tallahassee. Following the sale Opus Broadcasting will still retain its clusters in Alexandria and Monroe, LA.

Q106.1 Tallahassee Goes On A New Path

Update 4/17: After 16 days of stunting will All-Beatles, WQTL debuted its new format at 11am today as a Classic Rock/AAA hybrid “106.1 The Path“. Music is rooted in the 70s and early 80’s but reaches into the 60’s and 90’s. Describe the format? Well, The Beatles and Bob Dylan changed the course of popular music, right? The Path is all of the music that influenced them, the music that’s been influenced by them and of course plenty of Beatles and Bob Dylan. The first hour of The Path consisted of: Rolling Stones – Start Me Up Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From The Beginning Wallflowers – One Headlight Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’ U2 – Two Hearts Beat ...[Read More]