106.1 Winnipeg

Energy 106 Debuts In Winnipeg

Evanov Radio has launched CHR “Energy 106” CFJL in Winnipeg at 12pm today. Launching with the usual 10,000 songs in a row, the new format puts the station in direct competition with Astral’s “Hot 103” CKMM. Hot 103 is the highest rated music station in Winnipeg, garnering a 15.6 share in the most recent book. CFJL was expected to launch with an AC format similar to its “Jewel” sister stations in Ontario. We reported in May that the station had also registered 106TheBreeze.com as a possible brand for CFJL. During its test phase, the station stunted with various formats. CHR was reportedly the most requested choice. Listen to the launch of Energy 106 at FormatChange.com.

Evanov To Breeze In Winnipeg

Update 5/19: 106.1 won’t be Evanov’s only property in Winnipeg after it launches. The company today announced the purchase of Multicultural 810 CKJS and Classic Rock “100.7 K-Rock” CHNK from Newcap Radio for $5.5 Million. The press release also gives a sign-on date for 106.1 at some point this summer. Original Report 5/16: Just as word comes of the NHL possibly returning to town, Evanov Radio Group is making moves for its upcoming launch of 106.1 CFJL Winnipeg. While early expectations were that the station would be the next link in Evanov’s “Jewel” Soft AC chain, a pair of domain registrations hint at a different identity for the upcoming station. FM106Winnipeg.com is live and already pointing to Evanov’s corporate site, while recently addin...[Read More]